What is a Quintessence?

Aura-Soma Quintessences range
Aura-Soma Quintessences range

The Quintessences are natural organic coloured energised essences, made of crystals, herbs and plants, contained in little plastic bottles.

These essences have been created by the Aura-Soma Colour-care system® to support our energetic field in our daily routine.

Even if we are not aware of it we live in a sea of energy, because all matter is light and energy vibrating at a very low and fixed rate in a cohesive pattern, which produces a magnetic field.

Aura-Soma Chakra Man
Aura-Soma Chakra Man

The human body is also a complex network of energy patterns interacting with each other. In addition, the body is driven by a series of electro-chemical reactions and the interaction of the two fields (electric and magnetic) combines to form what we call the Light Body or Aura.

This is a field with various functions, but specifically it regulates the amount of energy within our system and it reflects our consciousness. The Aura-Soma system offers various tools to support our Light body and the Quintessences are one of them.

Because colour is a reflection of consciousness, each Quintessence relates to a colour ray and the colour we feel called to, reflects our consciousness and our being’s needs at the time of the selection: “You are the colors you choose and these reflect your being’s needs“, Vicky Wall, founder and innovator of the system, stated.

The function of the Quintessences is to invoke into the human auric field, and specifically into the mental/astral body, the most positive energies of the colour ray they are related to, with the purpose of invoking our own qualities into manifestation from deep within the self, through the acceptance and recognition of our own inner beauty and qualities.

Each Quintessence relates to an Equilibrium bottle in the Aura-Soma Master set, which is composed of the bottles from B50 to B64, and each Master is associated to a color ray. Each colour ray holds an experience of consciousness within itself, which we are asked to meet and fulfill.

Aura-soma Equilibrium B52 Lady Nada
Aura-soma Equilibrium B52 Lady Nada

The Masters the Quintessences relate to, are light beings who mastered the experience of each colour ray bringing light to it and, therefore, more awareness to the understanding of what that experience may bring to us in relation to a growth in consciousness.

For instance, if the challenging experience of the Red ray of consciousness keeps us entangled into survival issues, anger and frustration, the positive unfolding of this energy would be grounding, energy for life, concentration and awakening.

This is true for every colour we choose and we decide to work with.  Each Master vibration carries certain qualities and experiences and we can use the Quintessences when we are willing to open to bring those experiences into our life.

The presence of the Masters’ quality is very important because they act as ‘step down transformers’ of the energy coming from the Higher Level. The Quintessences work on the mental/astral Level because our mind acts as a great resistance in opening ourselves to who we are and to the Source.

Using a Quintessence does not mean that we have a “Master in our pocket”. It indicates that we are willing to open ourselves to the positive qualities and awareness of the Master Colour/Consciousness Ray and that we are asking that the energy from the Source be brought to us, through the qualities of the Master colour vibration we have decided to work with.

The Quintessences may be used to help you with meditation, prayer, contemplation, giving and receiving energetic treatments, because they assist us in connecting to a still place within yourself, and with the Source.

Here below the name of each Quintessence and the quality that they invoke, you just need three small drops:

Aura-Soma Quintessence vial set
Aura-Soma Quintessence vial set

El Morya – Faith and Divine Support

Kuthumi – Working with Angels and Devas

Lady Nada – Unconditional Love

Hilarion – Connecting with Your Deepest Truth

Serapis Bey – Clearing the Past

The Christ – Awakening your Spirit

Aura-Soma Quintessences Air Conditioner set
Aura-Soma Quintessences Air Conditioner set

St Germain – Transformation

Pallas Athena – Beauty and Creativity

Orion and Angelica – Complete and Re-Begin

Lady Portia – Mercy and Non-Judgement

Aura-Soma Quintessence Incense set
Aura-Soma Quintessence Incense set

Lao Tsu/Kwan Yin – Compassion and Prosperity

Sanat Kumara – All You Can Be

Maha Chohan – Inner Guidance

Djwal Khul – Service From Your Heart

Holy Grail – Receptivity to the Higher Truth

How to use a Quintessence:

Place three drops or three sprays of the Quintessence of your choice on the left wrist then cover with the right wrist and rub together. With raised, outstretched arms offer the energies of the Colour Ray out to the world.

Sanat Kumara Quintessence
Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara Quintessence

Cross the arms as you gently begin to wrap yourself in the chosen colour, by bringing the hands in, and crossing the wrists over the crown.
 Continue to open and close your arms as you come down so that the wrists cross over each of the energy centres – the brow, the throat – before coming to rest over the heart for a moment.

Continue to move the arms down crossing the wrists over the solar plexus, over the hara (just above the navel and a little way inside), and over the base centre all the way down to Mother Earth.

Finally bring the hands up the front of the body from the feet in backwards circles right up to the head to feed the energies into the aura.
Inhale the Quintessence three times, deeply into your own temple. (From the Aura-Soma® Quintessences Ingredient List Leaflet)

More information about the Quintessences is given in the Aura-Soma training and courses. Please, contact me directly or visit the section Events/Courses.

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