Second Thoughts about Archangel Daniel

This evening Mike Booth has offered us some new thoughts about the newborn Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle, Archangel Daniel. His comments are inspirational and insightful, especially in relation to the close relationship between Daniel and the “effective dreaming” and how this bottle can assist us in relation to the clear seeing, clear hearing, clear sensing, all qualities of the Royal Blue, and the awakening of the inner feminine guidance, the inner Goddess.

Photo collage by Veronica Utyanskaya
Photo collage by Veronica Utyanskaya

“Daniel is very helpful to us in discriminating between what we believe we can do and what we can actually do. To be able to bring into being what our true nature, our centre, or star wishes to manifest in the world. Royal Blue brings a certain clarity to this and the Olive, the hope and certainty in the awakening to the real purpose of our intent. We can discover what our dreams and aspirations can bring into being.

There is only one other bottle in the whole of the Aura-Soma® range that has a quality in relation to being able to dream “effectively”. Pallas Athena and Aeolus also brings about this possibility. B111 brings the possibility, as in Pallas Athena and Aeolus, of working with dreams, to be able to be conscious in the dream state (and to be able to work with this possibility in a conscious way).

It also brings the opportunity for us to see the characters and different aspects of people that occur in dreams are a reflection of our own psyche enabling us to come into clarity about this and the implications of the work with ourselves.

Daniel may be seen as a source of rejuvenation, a source of stimulation to cellular regeneration. Belief systems influence the way in which our whole being, mental, emotional and physical, gets translated. If our thoughts and feelings are vested in a belief system that is life negative in whatever form that takes then Daniel may assist us to turn that situation around so that it might become life positive. Part of the cellular regeneration, part of a potential re-programming at the cellular level is not to be in a belief system that leads us to a non-reparative possibility within our physical organism.

Belief systems and our conditioning are what lead to the destruction or degeneration at our cellular level. Provided we take in, the correct input, the quality of air, the quality of what is being worked on as to the quality of breath. The deepening of the breath in the body and how that comes about, as well as the intake of the right food and the right impressions, all influence the basis of what is possible for cellular regeneration. The mental attitudes, the core belief systems in relation to what creates the responses at a cellular level, are also a fundamental part of what influences the way in which the organism responds. Daniel may be of real assistance here.

It is important to note the numerology of the bottle. The cellular level and the possibility that has just been discussed is emphasised through the triple Physical Rescue, three times the “Physical Rescue”, B1.

The intensification of the blue between the 1 and the 2 would come in the 111, the first time in the sequence of the mid-tone royal blue, which is half way in the wavelengths or frequencies of light between the blue and the royal blue. This blue brings us to a sense of the throat, the thyroid which influences the whole of the energy systems of the body. We can say that the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and para-thyroid also influence the whole of the endocrine system and the chakras of the body.

This colour combination shakes together to a very deep blue/green. We would think of the whole of the chest especially the upper part, the turquoise, and the throat being fundamental to Daniel’s message. On a personal level the throat chakra has been going through an extra-ordinary time since the birth of this bottle. Even preceding its birth the build up of energy was quite significant. We have the triple one, the 1, 1, 1, which is emphasizing the Physical Rescue. The sense of something at a profound level that can be changed or modified at a cellular level may come about through changes of attitude and belief systems. The fundamental intent within the being that influences the physicality and how everything we go through or experience is part of the whole story of Daniel through the numerology and through its connection with the Archangel Raphael (B96).

The next step in relation to the journey of the heart is through a change in the throat, its healing or making whole again. Daniel may help the restrictions in communication, to clear the difficulties and to be able to clearly express ourselves and facilitate change once we come closer to the heart and how the heart may express itself in the world.

1483996_738349409525923_260741323_oAs we approach the winter solstice the Christmas story and the three wise men are relevant. Another name for Daniel was Belthazar who was significant in the whole of the visitation in the Nativity story of the Three Wise Men.

Another aspect of the numerology is the three ‘1s’ coming together as a ‘3’, the 3/81 (B81 being the return journey of the B3) and we think of that as the link between the two sides of the brain. The path, the connection that joins the left brain and right brain is a reflection of the inner marriage within the bottle, the inner alchemy to produce the gold within, the complimentary opposite of the royal blue on the colour rose. How DOES the inner alchemy also have the two sides of the brain, the intuition and the analysis, the wisdom and bliss coming together within the self.

This bottle also reflects, through the numerology, the 11, a portal, a gateway, a doorway. The connection with that moment in time, a new beginning in relation to time. It is very accessible to research the 14th December in relation to the Mayan Codices and the code that is encrypted on that particular day, the kin for the day and the understanding of the synchronization in time is paramount in a deeper level of understanding for this particular birthday for Archangel Daniel.

The 1/79 (the B79 is the return journey of the B1), emphasized three times also brings us to a triple emphasis on The Ostrich bottle. It is not a time for us to go within, to hide or to bury ourselves in any way. It is a time for the insight and bliss that lies within us to be accessible as part of the healing process. Part of the healing process is also to give birth to a new understanding, a new way of listening not only to others but to the still small voice that lies within. Part of the pale or mid-tone olive is also that potential to listen to the awakening of the still small voice within, the greater guide that is within each of us as the inner alchemy takes place and we gain access to the wisdom within.

The other part of the double emphasis on the 11, a 11/1, a Physical Rescue of the 11, the 11/89 (B89 being the return journey of the B11) appears with the Archangel Daniel as a gateway taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings because they create our world, so very much a part of the understanding in the first thoughts about Daniel. The sense of actualization of the intent, the manifestation of the dreams and the wishes is part of what Daniel is here to help us understand or activate within ourselves. 11 is a physical healing of the issues of persecution where we have been a victim of our own judgements of ourselves and to let go and forgive is part of the 11/89.

We have mentioned the shift in time in the context of what happens with the synchronisation of the Mayan Calendar, the kin of the day and how Daniel is very specific in his/her timing as an Archangel connected to a shift in time, a new beginning in relation to time.

The whole of the principle of the earth passing through the galactic centre on 21st December 2012 and where we are now, December 2013, is the birthing of the new time in the same way as to cross the galactic centre was not a particular moment in the sense of the implications of it. It was a whole year and may be the repercussions of that year extending through time either side from early in 21st Century and probably to the middle part of the 21st Century. As an event the ripples of this phenomena which we marked on Shire Farm with the alignment of the planets on 21st December 2012 offer different points of activation in relation to the new time coming about. Karmic clearing is still taking place and different patterns emerging as we meet the love within ourselves and so some of the patterns of conditioning in relation to our resistances re-emerge for re-evaluation to see how we are getting on with the clearing process and how it is taking place. Particularly in connection with the throat chakra, the blue energy, the two ‘1s’, the physical healing of the 2, and the physical healing of the blue/blue. The 2/80, the sense of the breath in the body, the deepening of the understanding to go beyond the diaphragm to penetrate the area where the breath needs to be in relation to massage of the organs in the body is another part of the inner request of Daniel that we come to the Star, we come to a deeper understanding of the trust of the Star within ourselves. This also leads us to the unfoldment of the Emerald.

In the ‘First Thoughts’ I mentioned that one of the notions about Archangel Daniel is he belongs to an Order which is the Emerald Archangels. This was a fresh concept to me that was dropped in from upstairs and it is an important part. I will be making further enquiries about this when the time is appropriate as to the context of how these Emerald Archangels are working with us.

This connection between the Star and the Emerald becomes even more emphasised as we trust the Star within, we trust the Star, the memory of the first cell within ourselves and in the letting go process, so this acts as the fire in the bowl, the crucible which is the alchemical refinement of the gold within ourselves that brings the possibility of the opening of the Emerald, our deep connection with the being of the Earth, the Goddess that lies within. The connection with the 3, the path of Empress, connects us with the Empress in The Tarot is also synonymous with the being, Gaia, the being of the Goddess of the Earth, in the awakening of Albion, the awakening of the being in the Earth. On Shire Farm we are also making a deep connection with the being of Gaia and microcosmic relationship with her awakening to a new understanding, a new dimension of her beingness in time and space.”


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