The Importance of Identifying Your Angels

di E. Donzelli
di E. Donzelli

We know that names of the 72 angels stem from three phrases in the Old Testament from the second book of Moses, called Shemot which means ‘Names’ referring to the importance of divine names within Chapter 14, verses 19, 20 and 21. This chapter describes the exodus of the ‘people hood’ of Israel (Is-Real) from Egypt or Mizrayim, the land of duality and materialism, and their journey through the Red Sea (or red spectrum, which is representative of the visual reality) and the peninsula of Sinai, to the promised land of Palestine, Canaan, Israel, representing Oneness, the world beyond separation or duality, where milk and honey flow.

The importance of identifying our Angel Names means to understand the “why” of this incarnation, to find the way towards self-realization and self-rememberance. In other words it represents the possibility of each of us to enter and be part of the project of the divine plan.

Each of us has these matrices written within, every time we speak we use our specific one, because this is our reality of incarnation in this life. Each of these matrices carries a life style, an aim and a purpose we have to fulfill. But each of them manifests not only our gifts but also the challenges, like two faces of the same coin: it expresses one thing but also its exact contrary.

All the human reality is written in these 72 names and they represent our companion while we climb the Tree of Life, the Kabbalistic Tree, while we look for the Light, a sense, a purpose in our lives.

Here below the Name of the Angel with its Latin and English Translation:

1 VEHUIAH   Deus Exaltator   The Exalting God

2 JELIEL   Deus Auxiliator   The Helping God

3 SITAEL   Deus Spes   God of Hope

4 ELEMIAH   Deus Absconditus The Hidden or Concealed God

5 MAHASIAH   Deus Salvator   God the Saviour

6 LELAHEL   Deus Laudabilis   The Laudable or Praiseworthy God

7 AHAIAH   Deus Longanimis   The Forbearing or Patient God

8 CAHETEL   Deus Adorandus   The Adored God

9 HAZAYAEL   Deus Misericors   The Mercyful God

Angelo10 ALADIAH   Deus Propitiabilis   The Favorable God

11 LAUVIAH   Deus Exaltandus   The Exalted or Praised God

12 HEHAIAH   Deus Refugium   God The Refuge

13 YEZALEL   Deus Super Omnia Decantabilis   The God Sung above All

14 MEBAHEL   Deus Custos & Servator   God The Protector and Saviour

15 HARIEL   Deus Sublevator   The Conforting God

16 HAKAMIAH   Deus Erector   The Rousing or Raising God

17 LAVIAH   Deus Mirabilis   The Marvellous God

18 CALIEL   Deus Invocandus   The Invocable God

19 LEUVIAH   Deus Festinus Ad Audiendum   The Swiftly Harkening or Listening God

20 PAHALIAH   Deus Redemptor   God the Redeemer

21 NELAHEL   Deus Solus   The Only God

22 YEYAYEL   Deus Dextera   The Right of God

23 MELAHEL   Deus Declinans Malum   God Deflecting Evil

24 HAHEUHIAH   Deus Bonus Ex Se-ipso   God The Good Out of Itself

25 NITHAIAH   Deus Largitor   The Generous God

26 HAHAIAH   Deus Auditor In Abscondito   God Listening in Concealment

27 YERATEL   Deus Propulsator   The Preventing God

28 SEEHAIAH   Deus Sublator Malorum   God Who Heals the Ill

29 REIYEL   Deus Expectatio   The Expected God

30 OMAEL   Deus Patiens   The Patient God

31 LECABEL   Deus Doctor   God The Teacher

32 VASARIAH   Deus Rectus   The Just God

33 YEHUIAH   Deus Omnium Cognitor   The Omniscent God

34 LEHAHAIAH   Deus Clemens   The Gentle God

35 KHAVAKIAH   Deus Gaudiosus   The God of Joy

36 MENADEL   Deus Honorabilis   The Honourable God

37 ANIEL   Deus Dominus Virtutum   God Lord of All Virtues

38 HAAMIAH   Deus Spes Omnium Finium Terræ   God The Hope of All which Ends on Earth

39 REHEAEL   Deus Velox Ad Condonandum   The Quickly Forgiving God

40 YEIAZEL   Deus Vinum Lætificans   The God Delighting Every Living Thing

41 HAHEHEL   Deus Triunus   The God of Trinity

42 MIKAEL   Deus Quis Sicut Ille   Virtue of God, House of God, Like unto God

43 VEULIAH   Deus Rex Dominator   God King and Ruler

Creazione di E. Donzelli
Creazione di E. Donzelli

44 YELAHIAH   Deus Æternum Manens   God The Eternal, Lasting

45 SEALIAH   Deus Motor Omnium   God Who Stirs All Men

46 ARIEL   Deus Revelator   The Revealing God

47 ASALIAH   Deus Justus Index   God The Just Judge

48 MIHAEL   Deus Pater Mittens   God The Father Generous

49 VEHUEL   Deus Magnus & Excelsus   The Great and Exalted God

50 DANIEL Deus Iudex Misericors   God The Merciful Judge

51 HAHASIAH   Deus Secretus Impenetrabilis   God The Impenetrable Secret

52 IMAMIAH   Deus Caligine Tectus   God Hidden in Darkness

53 NANAEL   Deus Superborum Depressor   God Humiliating the Proud

54 NITAEL   Deus Rex Coelestis   God The King of Heaven

55 MEBAIAH   Deus Sempiternus   The Eternal God

56 POYEL   Deus Fulciens Omnia   God Sustaining Everything

57 NEMAMIAH   Deus Amabilis   The Lovely God

58 YEIALEL   Deus Auditor Gemitum   The God Listening to Our Sighs

59 HARAHEL   Deus Omnia Penetrans   The All Pervading God

60 MITZRAEL   Deus Sublevans Oppressos   God Liberating the Oppressed

61 UMABEL   Deus Super Omne Nomen   God Above All Names Elevated

62 IAH-HEL   Deus Ens Supremum   God The Highest Being

63 ANAUEL   Deus Mansuetus   The Gentle God

64 MEHIEL   Deus Vivificans   The Vivifying God

65 DAMABIAH   Deus Fons Sapientiæ   God Source of Wisdom

66 MANAKEL   Deus Omnia Pascens & Latens   God Nurturing and Mantaining Everything

67 EYAEL   Deus Deliciæ Filiorum Hominum   God The Pleasure of Man’s Children

68 HABUIAH   Deus Liberalissimus Dator   God The Kindest Giver

69 REHAEL   Deus Omnia Videns   God Seeing Everything

70 YAMABIAH   Deus Verbo Omnia Producens   God Creating Everything with His Word

71 HAYAYEL   Deus Dominus Universorum   God Master of the Universe

72 MUMIAH   Deus Finis Universorum   God The End of the Universe

It is possible to find your Angels through your date and time of birth. In the Aura-Soma® system the 72 Angels have been related to the bicoloured Equilibrium Bottles through the numerological values of the Hebrew names of each Angel.

Once you have found your angels and the Aura-Soma bottle associated to it, you can work daily with your angels and empower yourself on your journey.


Next course: The 72 Angels of the Kabbalah Part 1 & Part 2 in April 2015.

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