The Hidden Mysteries of Number/Equilibrium 72

Lately number 72 has come out very often in the different courses in Taiwan and Malaysia, triggering an inner self-questioning about its meaning and the message that it carries. Not many people know that 72 is a very important number in the whole of existence for various reasons. The first and

Connecting with the Energy of the Archangels

Archangels have the gift of seeing what is right rather than what is wrong, they do not judge us for our actions, but they constantly offer to us the energy to help create harmony in our lives. Angels and Archangels may be understood as different aspects of ourselves, as part of

Colour and Number in relation to Consciousness

February 1st-4th 2014, Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Italy with Mike Booth When we talk about colour and number, we often do not realize how deeply they are connected and interlinked and how they relate to each other as they are the same thing. One of the greatest philosopher of numerology, Pythagoras, saw number