It is really a pleasure for me to welcome you all on my blog!

The creation of a website and a blog has taken me a long time. The main reason was because I believe that the personal connection is much more important than the web connection, much warmer, more empathic. But nowadays the people I know, I love and I connect with live everywhere in the world and Internet, the Turquoise energy of the new time, had to be used and appreciated within me as well.

I know that sometimes it can be a bit difficult, but the idea of creating a blog in my website, is to share with you all the warmth of the Turquoise energy. Turquoise is the Creative Communication of the Heart in the colour code of the Aura-Soma® system and I would like to use this great tool that is Internet to share on my feelings about a spiritual experience, an Equilibrium bottle, a number a course, in order to create between us that web that the Turquoise energy on its highest form represents, and start feeling that empathy between us, the resonance between beings that can create the shift of consciousness that we are all aiming for and we feel the need for.

Since I accepted within myself to be who I am, the journey has been very intense, but very beautiful at the same time. All my past, all the ancient systems I met and learned, have supported my inner journey of transformation and self-remembrance.  All the teachers I encountered on my way had a great part and I trusted them. Now I can see that they could see in me something that I myself could not recognize, but that I can perceive that what was fighting within me to emerge was who I really am. The journey is not completed yet, because life is a journey itself, but I am grateful to everybody and every situation I met on my path. In a way I can understand now that my destiny was written, I was the one who had to chose to live it. My personality was the only one who was struggling to keep everything as it was because of a sense of safety, security and also, because that part of me thought it knew what I wanted and was good for me.

My being has become very spiritual, which doesn’t mean that I am more religious, but simply that my soul is now the one that rules my life. It has made a big difference to myself and to the quality of the life I live.

This place is where I would like to share with you this on-going journey and the tools that supported me, hoping that it all can be of help for you too….

“We only become what we are by the radical and  deep-seated refusal of that which others have made of us” Jean-Paul Satre