Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life

Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life
Lamed by D. Romanini

On 31st March at 14.37 Italian time we will have the Full Blue Moon in Libra at 10 degrees. The Blue Moon is the second Full Moon of the month and its energy has the purpose to create a deeper communication between our physical and spiritual life. In colour language blue is related to the higher mind, the spiritual authority and the still small voice within – the inner guidance of the soul.

In the Bible number 10 is associated to Divine Order being re-established in one way or another through the judgment of the Law: “In other words, it manifests the actual sentence of the law which follows the gathering and presentation of the evidence. After the Holy Spirit has revealed the evidence to expose men’s hearts, the Judge reveals the law”. – Dr. Stephen E. Jones in “The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from One to Forty”

In Hebrew 31 comes from the addition of the letter Lamed – the whip, which refers to contemplation of the heart and authority – with Aleph – the ox, strength and the joining together of the Higher and lower waters, the upper and the lower worlds. It is the Gematria of El, the word God in Hebrew, meaning “the strong and primary authority.”

Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life
Aleph by D. Romanini

31 is a 4, which is associated to the 4th Ray of Harmony through conflict, whose function is to embody a type of healing energy brought about by the soul which is that of at-one-ment of the material aspect of life, the personality, to the Divine order. When this fourth ray alignment is produced and the person becomes aware of it, a crisis is evoked, generating a sense of isolation, of despairing futility, a determination to stand in the midst of a situation and a sudden recognition of the Warrior within, as Master Djwal Khul states through the pen of Alice Bailey. Ray 4 is also called the Perceiver on the Way, the Link between Three (Divine trinity) and Thee, the Hand of God, the Seed that is the Flower, the Corrector of the Form, the Trumpet of the Lord.

4 and 3 (March, the 3rd month) may be ead ad 43, which is the most unstable number of all, as it is associated to transformation, instability – it is the Great Dissolver inducing a feeling of dying within. This number is asking us to trust what is going on, as it is only in that way that we allow the process of alchemy (fusion between the personality and the soul energy) to occur. It is about going into a cocoon to allow the transformation from the caterpillar into the butterfly that we are.

2018 is a 29/11/2, which is called the Light at the end of the tunnel. In the Bible 18 is the number of oppression and bondage; in numerology, it represents the relentless destruction of our useless behaviour in order to find our own truth, our inner authority, the inner voice of the soul; it is about stopping the abuse coming out of a detrimental love which wants others to feel good, and listening to our true inner voice which we neglected before.

The total addition of the day of the Full Moon gives 45/9, which is the Higher mind of God (5) coming into the 4 of matter and producing an ending/dissolution (9) for a new beginning. 45 reminds us to let go all our sorrows and look up to the Light, to what is coming to us if we look forward and follow the inner truth.

Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life
The Justice by O. Wirth

The Full Moon is a time of culmination, closure, a time to release what no longer serves us; for this reason, it is also referred to as the harvest time, when we gather the fruits of our labour/choices. From there we choose where to go, the new direction of our course of actions. It is a time of revelation.

Libra is the sign defined by Master Djwal Khul “the place of judgment”, for it is here that the decision is made and the die is cast. Libra is associated to Divine Justice, as it is related to the eight esoteric Tarot card Justice. Divine Justice is not judgmental, but it is measuring and weighing up: “Divine justice is the way the world is now, so whatever situation the world or an individual might find themselves in, they have to be completely able to accept things as they are. As humans we are here to work with divine justice; that is to say, to witness life as it is truly unfolding and understand the karmic work behind any situation. It is about finding the point of balance between action and reaction, so that we can develop a natural alignment with our inner truth, without questioning ourselves through guilt or pride. We are looking at our inner and outer life from the point of awareness, so we have to ask ourselves whether we are communicating enough with both outer and inner worlds”. – C. Aegerter, B. Benjelloun in The Spirit of the Tarot: Numbers as Initiators of the Major Arcana Aeon Books

8 is Saturn, the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Time. Saturn is the Dweller of the Threshold, slowly working in order to align Spirit and matter by taking us in the depth of the subconscious to bring light to what we have denied, to the old pain and obsolete patterns of the past.

Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life
Libra by J. Bosschart

Libra is the sign of contemplation and vision of the Path; it relates to relationships on all levels, from marriage to business, including the one between the personality and the soul. Libra is associated to Ray 3, the Ray of Active Intelligence, which is about the Love for the Truth; it is about stopping to waste much energy in perpetuating our manipulation, weaving, planning, arranging of the form – actions which do not take us anywhere – and standing quiet at the center without waving in order to learn how to work with the unfoldment of the Divine Plan as it is, so that the revelation/vision of the true path may come to us.

As the Full Moon is in Libra, the Sun is in Aries, the sign ruled by the 1st and 7th Rays. Ray 1 is the Will or Power coming into matter to destroy the useless and give birth to the new. It is about planting the seed of the new life coming from the Spiritual impulse. Ray 7 is about the Fusion of Spirit and Matter, the identification with the rhythm of the Whole; it is the Lord of Death but also the One who lifts to Life, the Orienting Force. Therefore, the Sun in Aries will bring a crisis of the birth hour, supported by the influence of Chiron at 29° Pisces, the critical degree producing a gigantic karmic transformation to make us realize that true power is the inner power of the soul.

This Full Moon with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde will ask us to be responsible for all the actions we have done and stand in the truth. The intellect will be illumined by the light of Mercury, the messenger of the truth, by making us see with our eyes the inner reality we did not want to become aware of. Mars at 7 degrees Capricorn, conjunct Saturn, will push us to make thing happen now, to be assertive and change the situation we find ourselves in. Mars is about inspiration and moving from the outer to the inner, about leaving behind the old image of the little self, the behavior of the person we thought we were, with a focused and martial action.

It is a time of intense anger and frustration that will be the transformative and powerful energy of this full moon.

The aim of this Full Moon will be to bring to an end all the relationships that no longer serve us. Jupiter representing our Life Path will bring inner expansion and inner growth by making us realize that we are completely dissatisfied of the status quo and the material life we find ourselves in, which was built on the choices of who we thought we were.

The oppression (18) of the past is coming to an end and the life of the person that we truly are is glowing in the distance: it is the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not fear to go into the apparent darkness of the moment, because your soul is holding you tightly and she is leading you to your Promised Land. The seed has to be planted in the soil, in the darkness, to grow and rise to the light. Choose where and how you want to plant your own little seed.

Full Blue Moon in Libra: Planting the Seed of the New Life
Teophanic Light by F. Rassouli


There is a light seed grain inside.

You fill it with yourself, or it dies.

Gialal al-Din Rumi

Cristiana Caria

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