New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source

On 18th November the Moon will be conjunct the Sun at 26°19’ in Scorpio. In colour language Scorpio is associated to turquoise, the colour known as the process of individuation, which has been defined as a movement of consciousness from the perception of an inner separation to a more balanced and soul-centred state.

In the ancient wisdom teachings Scorpio is associated to the 8th Labour of Hercules – the destruction of the Nine-Headed Lernaean Hydra, symbolic of the different desires of the lower self, dwelling within the caverns of the subconscious mind, in order to achieve mastery of oneself.

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source
Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra – Gustave Moreau

Exoterically Scorpio relates to transformation and regeneration, sexuality, transmutation of values, other people’s resources, death and the desires of the personality; esoterically it is the path of discipleship, the transmutation of personal desires in order to be reborn into the consciousness of the soul. Symbolically Scorpio has to face a deep process of death, a metamorphosis from the scorpion to the eagle and, finally, to the phoenix rising from the ashes: an inner movement of consciousness from selfish desire to selfless dedication to the true life of the soul.

From the numerological point of view the day of the New Moon is indicative of a very deep inner process. In the Bible 18 is the number associated to oppression and bondage. The 18th time Abraham was mentioned in the 12th chapter of the Genesis is when his wife was kept as a prisoner in the house of the Pharaoh; the word Israel is mentioned for the 18th time in Chapter 46 of the Genesis, which describes the beginning of its Egyptian bondage; the 18th time Luke refers to Jesus in his Gospels, it is when he describes the episode where a man oppressed by paralysis came to Jesus for healing.

In Hebrew number 18 is given by the combination of the letters Yod (which has numerical value 10) and Chet (numerical value 8), which respectively mean hand and fence. Yod is the hand of God sustaining all Creation, the infinite hidden in the finite, the finger of God indicating us what we need to look at and transform; Chet is symbolic of the life to enliven through the connection with the soul. In the esoteric Tarot card 10 is associated to the Wheel of Fortune, expressing the rising out from the illusion of the world and being born into a new sphere of experience. 8 is associated to the 8th Tarot card Justice which is the sword of truth and the alignment between the inner and the outer worlds, the soul and the personality.

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source
Yod and Chet – Davide Romanini

In esoteric numerology 18 is called The Saint. It represents the complete acceptance of where we are because the soul has to find its own truth in order to learn to follow its inner guidance and serve out of love. 8 is about karmic alignment; its purpose is to finish the grinding of the useless behaviour of the 1 coming from the past belief system; it is the experience of abuse, up to including self-destruction, to reveal the inner authority of mind and learn about discrimination. 11, the number of the month, which in esoteric numerology is called the metronome, will give the rhythm and the rehearsal of this transformation. 11 is a number of interior fight, disorder and chaos, but it is also the number associated to the Fire of God, the possibility of entering into an open space of conscious awareness, realignment; it relates to a conscious choice in the present moment, from which may derive the purity of the outcome. For the Arabs 11 was the knowledge of God and in China it was considered the way of the Sky and the Earth. It is about the facing of the soul and the personality in order to understand who we truly are and where we want to be. 2017 is a year 1, which is about the ending of the old and the planting of the seed of the new. In the ancient wisdom teachings Ray 1 is called the Destroying Angel, the victory of Life over death, meaning that the power of Life destroys the stagnant and useless old forms in order to manifest the true soul plan. The total addition of the day (18 -11-2017) gives 39/12/3, which means “Just be a soul.” It is about questioning what we are doing, learning to stay with the flow and allow things to happen as they will show the path that we have to walk.

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source

The New Moon will fall at 26° Scorpio. In the Bible this number is associated to the power salvation, which means “to become a whole,” going back to a state of unity and oneness with soul and Spirit. In Hebrew the word “Salvation” is translated as Yeshua, which was the Hebrew name of Jesus, who is symbolic of soul. 26 is also the addition of the Hebrew name of God Yahweh, written as YHVH (Y = 10; H = 5; V = 6; H = 5).

At the time of this New Moon there will be a strong emphasis in Scorpio where also Venus and Jupiter will be transiting. Scorpio is asking us to dig down into the unconscious/subconscious mind in order to release everything that is stuck, what we are obsessed with, instead of grasping and being reluctant to open up and let go of what is no longer part of us. The New Moon will be trine Chiron, the Centaur, at 24° Pisces. Chiron triggers personal crisis in order to work as a bridge between Heaven and earth, Spirit and matter, soul and personality, and it relates to the healing process of becoming aware.

“Chiron is associated with healing crises, that is, the conscious confrontation of that which makes us sick or holds us back, and inspires the ultimate use of such “negative” things as opportunities to grow and learn. In this way, pain and suffering do not enter our lives to teach us a lesson, but rather, we learn how to learn lessons from that which would otherwise be pointless struggle. […] We learn to let go of what holds us back, recognize who we really are, and to use what we know. We learn to make choices. In these ways, what starts as sickness becomes not just health but also a means to arriving at a new place of strength, integrity and freedom.” – An Overview of Chiron by Eric Francis

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source
Pallas Athena – Rembrandt

Uranus quincunx the New Moon will assist the release of old stagnant energy. Uranus is the “Voice of God” bringing us a higher mental understanding helping us move into a new state of consciousness where the inner duality is transcended: it is a channel through which new ideas may be born as it represents revolution and new order. Its influence will be supported by the conjunction with the asteroid Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Illumination. Pallas Athena will make us feel a sense of the Divine Presence by giving us an expanded perception of the situation and events, and a new vision coming from the raising of a new state of consciousness based on the inner wisdom of the soul.

The trine between Neptune at 11° Pisces and Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio will support the dissolution of the illusions of our little mind or little self. Neptune symbolizes a force beyond our rational understanding, which we can only surrender to. The God of the Sea will instil the need to escape from all the limitations coming from the old self in order to move into a new space as Pisces is the sign associated to death, transition and resurrection: a deep emotional atonement of the old patterns of the past that keep us trapped in the old way of being.

Mars and Pluto, the two rulers of Scorpio, could trigger a very intense challenging energy of assertion, will power and aggression. Mars, especially, will ask to step back and detach so that we may see the way out without engaging in conflicts that no longer have a purpose.

The time has come to open up to the perception of a new reality. The old is crumbling away and dissolving in the light of a new beginning. Whatever we are asked to face, it has to be seen not as a burden or a punishment, because it holds within itself the power of salvation coming from the breaking of the bondage and the acceptance of living from soul. It is a time of inner sincerity, truth and openness to our true mission on earth. If we accept that, the new will be flowing into our life bringing us a sense of peace and joy that passeth all understandings.

New Moon in Scorpio: Surrendering to the Higher Source
Sound of the Truth – Rassouli


“If you want the truth, 
I’ll tell you the truth: 
Listen to the secret sound, 
the real sound, 
which is inside you.” 

– Kabir –





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