New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”

On 19th/20th September – depending on the time zone – we will observe a new arrangement of the celestial bodies in the sky.

Lately the situation has been very intense, and many of us have experienced a major crisis in our life, relationships, job, or an aspect of self. It has been a time of the crumbling of the old with the purpose of revealing the new way of the soul – the Divine hidden in matter.

As described in my blogs and live broadcasts, 2017 is a year 1 which, in esoteric numerology, corresponds to Ray 1, the Ray of Will and Power.  Number 1 is about the ending of the old and the planting of the seed of the new beginning; it is about placing the intent of what we deeply feel we want to do so that this may grow and manifest in the 9 years to come. 2017 has a deep meaning as it relates to the “gestation” of the seed of 17/8, which is the karmic alignment between the inner and the outer, between who we truly and deeply are as a soul and the material aspect of our life, which reflects itself in our thinking, feeling and being – the personality.

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
Vesica Piscis

1 refers to the physical world, the transient created world of form and structured matter, actuality and apparent stability; 7 refers to the Spiritual world, the permanent world of God, continuously moving and creating new forms of manifestation through its life force.  Two energies, two forces apparently opposite to each other, that may find a point of balance in the human soul, as man stands just between these two worlds.

In the ancient wisdom systems this was symbolically expressed in sacred geometry by the symbol of the Vesica Piscis:

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
Christ and the Zodiac

“The Vesica Piscis signifies the mediation of two distinct entities; the complementariness of polar opposites, as when two extremes complete and depend upon one another to exist. One circle may signify the breath of spirit, which is eternal; the other may signify the body physical, which is forever changing and adapting. The Vesica Piscis itself symbolizes that which mediates spirit; or the psyche or soul.” – Rachel Fletcher in Nexus Network Journal

According to William Stirling, this symbol was known to Plato and ‘his masters in the Egyptian colleges,’ and in the East as a symbol of the womb, and was joined to the cross by the Egyptians forming the handle of the Crux ansata (Ankh).” (in “The Canon: An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery Perpetuated in the Cabala as the Rule of all the Arts”)

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
Virgin Mary in Vesica Piscis

Esoterically Virgo stands for the Virgin Mother, the receptive vessel of matter, that provides what is needed for the mental, emotional and physical expression of the hidden, but ever present, Divinity. It represents the “womb of time”, the period of hidden germination of the seed of the spiritual life, which leads to awakening. As Mary was obedient, which means that she was “listening to what was coming from above”, matter is requested to align itself so that it may faithfully reflect the Higher Intent coming from Spirit. In the darkness of matter, (in the ancient teachings darkness was symbolic of the unconscious), as Master Djwal Khul affirms, God’s plan is slowly matured and—with pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict—brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time. In the womb of matter the Light of God is hidden, waiting to be revealed.

One of the major aspects of this New Moon is the Hour Glass aspect occurring between the Sun and the Moon conjunct in Virgo and opposite Chiron in Pisces, and Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra.  The Hour Glass is symbolic both of the eternal passage of time, the reminder that life needs to renew itself continuously, but it is also an analogy between the upper and the lower, Spirit and matter, heaven and earth. Saint Ambrose, the patron of learning, and Mary Magdalene, who witnessed Jesus’s resurrection, have been depicted with an hour glass; in some European lodges candidates were placed in a chamber with an hour glass as a symbol of pondering on before the celebration of their rites of initiation.

Virgo relates to healing, health, purification and change of life direction in the daily life. The Sabian Symbol of the Sun/Moon is a baldheaded man who hasseized power, referring to the intense urge for cathartic changes that mobilize the Power of the Will asking for traumatic decisions to be made, as Dane Rudhyar describes it.

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
The Hour Glass – Karl Siegerth

Through Virgo we experience the depth and the darkness of matter; it is a valley of deep experience, a place of slow, intense and powerful crises where secrets are discovered and brought to the light in order to allow the alignment between Spirit and matter. Uranus quincunx the Sun and the Moon will create sudden changes with the purpose of aligning our life to the truth of who we are. From the personality point of view, these changes may bring to the surface old painful karmic wounds that may affect our will to live as Chiron is opposite the Sun and the Moon. But Chiron is a powerful force for healing, transformation, spiritual growth and a call to a personal awakening. In this New Moon configuration it will pair with the influence of Neptune, which aims to dissolve the illusions of the lower mind, the intellect, and reveal the hidden truth of the soul. Chiron is a messenger of change; it stands in between the personal and transpersonal planets, working as a bridge between the higher and the lower realities in order to close the separation existing between them.

Chiron is associated with healing crises, that is, the conscious confrontation of that which makes us sick or holds us back, and inspires the ultimate use of such “negative” things as opportunities to grow and learn. In this way, pain and suffering do not enter our lives to teach us a lesson, but rather, we learn how to learn lessons from that which would otherwise be pointless struggle”.  Erik Francis in “Planet Waves. A Brief Overview of Chiron

The New Moon in Virgo is asking us we will start to realise the purpose behind everything that happens; it is about moving from the personality to the soul, and accepting the guidance and direction of the inner voice within so that it may begin to assume increasing control and the inner spiritual reality may become manifest in our physical life.

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
L’Impératrice – Oswald Wirth tartot III

Virgo has been associated with the esoteric Tarot card L’Impératrice. The Empress represents the principle of the Ray of Active Intelligence that enables the work of Spirit to be expressed in matter through the universal mind. Her purpose is to remind us not to be taken in by the illusion and drama of everyday life, created only by the trickery of the proud intellect. The Empress represents the star of the hidden forgotten sound, which can guide us to our original self.

“It is a question of choice. We all have heavy luggage and if we keep on with the drama we know by playing the same old games, it is because we want to. When we make the choice to serve ourselves, we are denying our Star and denying God, so making the load even heavier for ourselves and everyone else. The minute we make a true choice of affirmation to look up or away from whatever game we are playing, it is instant and we need not play that game again. It is not controlling, hiding, or covering up any more, because we can now see that the game is only a habit we can remove”.  C. Aegerter & B. Benjelloun in The Spirit of the Tarot: Numbers as Initiators of the Major Arcana.

The question is about whether we want to love and serve Spirit and our soul or the self-centred little god of our personality. If we believe that we are the masters of our own life, we will resist the breakthrough to the Soul.

With the Empress the Mercurial mind has to dissolve all the illusions and expectations and become receptive to the higher intelligence so that it may manifest the Divine Plan in matter. It is the beginning of a life, which has become infused by Spirit.

New Moon in Virgo: Suspended in the “Womb of Time”
Beyond Reality – Rassouli


But if a mirror ever makes you sad

you should know

that it does not know you

Kabir Ke Dohe





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