Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction


Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
Strawberry Full Moon

The coming Full Moon in Sagittarius is called the Strawberry Moon because the Algonquin tribes consider it as a sign to gather ripening fruit. Strawberries are a symbol of rebirth and a healing from old wounds, but also a time of taking responsibility for the present happening and allow the light to illumine your life. For that reason the effect of this lunation is a deep inner transformation and ripening of inner and outer situations that have been going through a process of marination for quite a long time.

This Full Moon will occur at 18 degrees in Sagittarius with the Sun at 18 degrees in Gemini. In Numerology 18/9 is the number of regeneration and it indicates a complete acceptance of where you are so that it is possible to see what is going on within and around us.

We have been talking about the death of the old and of the illusions, but only if we see where we truly are we can discriminate and then move forward.

1 represents the personality, while 8 is the soul energy which has the purpose of finishing its grinding destruction of a useless behaviour to help us find our own inner truth and authority. In its challenge 9 is about aggressiveness, subservience, law onto self, need for approbation, destructive criticism and resentment. But its qualities relate to discrimination, inner leadership, self-control. It is about endings and new beginnings, the understanding of the experience we have being going through, leaving it behind and taking its essence into the new life cycle.

The Sabian symbol of the Sun is truly about the seed-knowledge, an ancient wisdom inherent in us all that needs simply to be understood, as it can be truly valuable to us at this point in time; it is about learning from the past. On the other side, the Sabian symbol of the Full Moon is “pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young“, referring to the need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings (Dane Rudhyar). This means that we will be looking for a way to leave the past behind and move into a new future, as survival will be a matter of extreme importance for our own inner life. Somehow we will feel in danger and we will be willing to go within and connect to our own inner wisdom in order to move through.

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
Equilibrium B72 by Aura-Soma® – The Clown/Pagliacci

In the colour language Gemini is orange, while Sagittarius is blue. In the Aura-Soma® colour-care system this combination is related to the Equilibrium bottle B72, the Clown/Pagliacci. The clown of the theatre is a very ancient art, not easy to perform; he is the anti-hero who plays with the challenges of existence, with our fragility and the human weaknesses, Part of the training includes a very deep inner work because the performer is asked to drop all the masks and simply BE, the beingness being the achievement, where the clown, without doing anything, without actively act, returns to an inner state of calmness, from which the performance naturally arises. When the gestures of the clown become free from fear and anxieties, each movement is guided by an inner state of playfulness and freedom, a childlike state, which means to return to and to re-discover the lightness of being. There is always a sad clown in us, if we get trapped in the emotions that come from the conditioned patterns and that hold us captive in a destructive behaviour. This combination is therefore related to the capacity of communicating (blue) the deep inner emotions that we find difficult to express.

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
Sagittarius – Johfra Boschart

Sagittarius is about truth, the highest truth, and it is about direction; it is the Archer guiding the horse towards a specific aim. Gemini is about communication between the higher and the lower self, the soul and the personality; it is about relationships. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, the intellect, which was completely driven by the desire of the personality, will be illumined and it will receive flashes of light upon problems. It will start to envision a distant yet possible attainment and we will begin to climb out of the innermost depths we had touched lately and see ahead the mountain in Capricorn, which we will have to eventually climb.

“He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to do and he therefore makes rapid progress and travels “fast upon the Way.” He “flies from point to point, searching for the arrows which he has discharged.” He has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him; he travels upon the “wings of the soul” (note the relationship to the winged feet of Mercury, the messenger of the Gods) and becomes, in his own personality, himself the winged God: Mercury, as you know, governs Gemini, the polar opposite of Sagittarius. This he does until he has established a balanced relationship between the personality and the soul.” – Alice Bailey “Esoteric Astrology”, Lucis Trust.

The Full Moon will be sandwiched between Lilith, the Fixed Star Sabik on one side, and Saturn, the Great Teacher, on the other. Lilith is about karmic imprints and our “calling”; she shuts doors and opens the only one that is true, as it shows us where our personal desires are in the way of our own Divine Plan.

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
The Tower – Oswald Wirth Tarot XVI

“She reasons not with the rational mind but communes at a soul level. […] Our task is to unwrap the dark veils that mask the light of the soul. This is Lilith’s strategy, to uncover – to reveal the bare, naked Truth. How daunting and threatening this prospect can seem. The very alchemical process Lilith beckons us into its indelibly transformational and can become the hallmark of our lives.” – Kelley Hunter in “Living Lilith”

Sabik is a Fixed Star on the right leg of the constellation of the Serpent Bearer, Ophiuchus. This constellation is also called Aesculapius, the God of Medicine, and in the Kabbalistic tradition it has been associated to the Hebrew Letter Ayin and the 16th Tarot Card La Maison Dieu, the Tower. The shape of the Ayin represents two eyes united by an optic nerve that enters the brain. The right eye looks upwards to the Creator’s Greatness, while the left eye looks downward at the ‘lowliness’ of the man. Ayin is also associated to the Divine Providence reminding us that the eye of God controls our lives. As it is connected with the Serpent, Sabik recalls the concept of the Devil, the Destroyer, in antithesis with God and the Redeemer/Healer; symbolically one is the intellect and the other the soul here facing each other. It is interesting to notice that the numerology of June is 16/7.

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
Ayin – Davide Romanini from “Le Lettere della Creazione”

In May we had a lot to consider and we had to make a choice and now we are going to face the outcome: all we have being building is going to be broken down, but it is not the end but the beginning of a new life. The tower is emblematic of an initiatic teaching, which is going to take us through a point of crisis overnight. It is our pride that will take us into a fall because it does not want to admit ignorance.

Saturn will compel us to look at the situation we have put ourselves in. We will be asked to die to the illusion of the self and look at the truth. Inner and outer lies will come up to the surface and will have to be seen and accepted for what they are. Saturn is the Lord of Karma and he will deliver karmic lessons we have to face in order to align to our true soul especially as, according to the Vedic Astrology, he approaches the Gandanta Point, the karmic knot or transformational point between a water and fire sign, which brings a tremendous soul growth, from 20th June to 5th July.

Don’t hold on to what has been dying, trying to convince yourself that you can make it happen, that you can still deal with it; allow things to fall apart and welcome the healing energy of the soul.

During this lunation we will see clearly the old and the new ahead and we will go within to connect to the inner wisdom in order to move forward. Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Sagittarius will end its retrograde motion, helping to fuse and blend the inner duality by transmuting the material desire into a higher love. The Earth and Mars, the esoteric and hierarchical rulers of Sagittarius, will support the destruction and change in order to help us be supported in the direction of a war to the death of the old way of being.

The crisis triggered by this Full Moon will involve our relationships or finances and this time will become very emotional affecting our own personal life, magnifying everything we have been experiencing lately. It is a time of transformation and healing. We can no longer ignore the inner truth and act upon it. It is not about us but the will of the Universe to guide us into the new direction of our Soul Divine Plan.

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Emergence of the New Direction
Essential Love – Anderson Debernardi

I am the pure Light, my son.

I am not a handful of worthless dust.

I am not just an empty shell.

I am a regal pearl formed in this world!

Close your eyes to see and become aware of me.

Perceive me with eyes that see the unseen.

Come into the mystery to find me.

I am a carefree visitor here for you.

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī


Cristiana Caria

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