New Moon in Gemini: Leaving the Past Behind

New Moon in Gemini: Leaving the Past Behind
Savitri Begs Yama for Satyavan’s Life – Unknown Artist

The New Moon in Gemini occurring on 25th May marks the threshold of a new time. In the last two years we have experienced an intense time of change, of inner/outer transformation. Lately we could feel the new coming in, but only at the time of this New Moon the past will be finally left behind. This New Moon will fall into the area of the sky known in Vedic Astrology as Rohini, the “Red Lady,” associated to spiritual liberation, truth and clearing habits. She is the “Star of Ascension” who offers us the power to rise above the past and open ourselves to the future by bringing to the surface the truth of who we are. In India this New Moon is celebrated as the day of Vat Savitri, the beautiful daughter of the rising Sun who confronted Yama, the Lord of Death, in order to bring her husband back to life. Savitri stood against death and, as the Vedic Astrologer Kari Field states, she became the symbol of “the inevitable cycle of love and loss and the miracle of rebirth that is offered within it,” figuratively leading each situation “from the tomb of endings to the womb of beginnings.”

2017 adds up to 1. This means that the all year is under the influence of the ray associated to it. Ray 1 is the Ray of Will/Power, the ray of destruction and the ending of cycles. In esoteric numerology the peak energy of a cycle falls into its midpoint. This means that the peak energy of each collective year – from 1st January to 31st December – occurs around the twenty days before and after 1st June.

New Moon in Gemini: Leaving the Past Behind
Gemini – Johfra Boschart

This New Moon falls at this midpoint time of the year bringing into manifestation the highest power of Ray One, called “God’s Destroying Angel” – the Angel who brings life through the destruction of the form. Ray 1 highlights the power of the Greater Life beyond death, as ruin precedes the Real: we have to leave behind what have being build upon the power of the lower mind and acknowledge that what we are living behind is nothing but dust of whom we thought we were. Destruction means space and space holds the possibility for the Builders of Love – Ray 2 – to come.

In Esoteric Astrology Gemini is the expression of a force producing the changes needed for the fusion of the personality and the soul at any particular time and space, and this is why it has been called the “constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis.” Exoterically Gemini is associated to mutations of relationships, to the lower mind serving the instinct, but esoterically it indicates the recognition of the true self and a decision to follow the direction of the soul.

In the Aura-Soma® colour language Gemini is associated to orange. Orange is about shock, renunciation, indecision, lack of self worth, dependency and co-dependency, but also fulfilment, restoring the time line, bliss and dedication. Orange is also associated to the etheric body, which Gemini is the custodian of.

New Moon in Gemini: Leaving the Past Behind
Mercury and Paris – Donato Creti

As Master Djwahl Kuhl describes accurately, in the ordinary person the etheric body is the transmitter of psychic energy, galvanising and coordinating the dense physical body for the control of the personality; while when a man is upon the Path of initiation, the etheric body becomes the transmitter of soul energy and the second Ray of Love/Wisdom, which is the Ruler of Gemini, gradually begins to dominate the vital body, producing consequently the shift of force and of intensity to the chakras above the solar plexus.

Traditionally Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, who flies up and down the rainbow to connect the higher and the lower mind – the soul and the personality. The soul is the invisible immortal aspect of the self, the mediator between Spirit and matter. The voice of the soul resonates within us and it supports us through the quality of unconditional Love and service to others. The personality consists of the outer manifestation of our behaviour, emotional and mental aspects of the self. Once the individual begins to see beyond his own illusions, the personality starts to change its nature as a consequence of a crisis or break down, which allows the soul to come through and reveal its purpose. Mercury is about the mind, the intellect, highlighting very well the mental quality of Gemini. Mercury is called the “star of conflicts” as it produces strain, action and reaction to activate the inner awakening to the little small voice within. Mercury does not have one ounce of emotion in it and this means that we may use the mind to manipulate ourselves and others in relationships: we act upon what we think it may be good for us, without realizing that this brings up a sense of frustration, deceit and separation. We lie to ourselves thinking that we do know what would make us/others happy, we lie to create peace and self-advantage, we lie because we believe we can control the situation and make it unfold accordingly. Mercury is also connected to Scorpio and Aries, as it is the esoteric ruler of these star signs. This means that we will face a process of death and re-orientation in relation to our relationships. Things cannot go ahead the way they have until now, as the old relationships cannot be sustained any longer.

Venus, the ruler of Gemini on the Fixed Cross, is in Aries, supporting this process of change of mind. But Venus is about love, joining duality – the Gemini energy – through love as Venus is strongly related to the soul. Venus conjunct Uranus will create a Grand Trine with Saturn at 25° in Sagittarius and the North Node at 28° in Leo; contemporarily Venus will be square Pluto in Capricorn. This confirms a relationship crisis with a strong tension between leaving the past behind and moving towards the future. Particularly the North Node will ask us to take the risk to follow our heart’s desires, as we realize that everything depends only on us.

New Moon in Gemini: Leaving the Past Behind
Vav (from Le Lettere della Crezione) – Davide Romanini

The New Moon is conjunct the Fixed Stars Hyades, “the rainy ones”, as they were mourning the death of their brother Hayas, who was killed by his intended prey – a wild boar. Symbolically the wild boar represents truth, reminding us that we can no longer ignore it and that the time for confrontation has come. The Hyades are mentioned eleven times in the Bible and ten times out of 11 Hyades is translated as hell, while one time as grave, meaning that the Hyades emblematically recall the place of the departed dead waiting for Judgement, which, in this occasion, may be interpreted as the relationship aspect of the past which has now to come to an end and asks to be faced. The Hyades have a V shape which is associated to the Hebrew letter Vav, meaning the connection between the heavenly and earthly forces, the two aspects of the soul and personality within the self. This star cluster is symbolic of the possibility of the connection between these two apparently opposite energies and that their unity will be achieved by facing the truth: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

Relationships will be deeply affected at this New Moon by power and control issues bringing up deep issues of buried fear and insecurity to the point that we may experience a breakdown or an end. We have to speak the truth and choose what we truly feel in the heart. We can’t keep choosing with the mind, trying to keep alive what has come to an end only because we want to make people happy or avoid them the pain of truth. But we cannot pretend any more.

Gemini governs the oxygenation of the blood, which represents the life process – the soul, and the nervous system, which is associated to the consciousness mechanism – the personality, because, as they are brought together, we will be able to be who we really are.

The time has come to feel your soul, hear the inner voice and act upon it. Don’t try to turn it down but have the courage to face what you have created and leave it behind. Trust your soul and walk through the threshold that leads you to the Real life, as true peace and joy are waiting for you on the other side.

Water Lilies Among Colorful Flowers – Claude Monet

“Are you aware that sweetness is found everywhere in town?

Are you aware that winter is gone and spring has come around?

Are you aware that sweet basil and the carnation  are whispering in the garden and laughing about how simply everything is found?

Are you aware the nightingale has come back from its flight

singing out messages of love to spread delight with every sound?

Everything in the garden Is granted the right from the Divine Court to appear for our delight.

Everything is here to make the earth green and alive as a haven for our life.

What remains buried in the soil will always endeavour to reach out. No one truly alive Can ever be pawned to a prison or a tomb.”  (Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī)


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