Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and AffinityThe Full Moon of this month is known as the Pink Moon. This name does not come from the colour that the moon will reveal in the sky, but it has its origin in the native culture which associated it to the reappearance of some of the first spring flowers of the wild ground pink blooms of Phlox, also called Pink Moss. On 11th April the Full Moon will occur at 21° Libra and it will be conjunct to Jupiter at 17° and the Fixed Star Spica. All this elements are extremely positive and, for this reason, some astrologers have given this moon the name of “Lady Luck”.

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
Contemplation – Christian Schloe

Esoterically Libra is a sign of contemplation; being the sign associated to the 7th House of the inner marriage and judgement, it represents a time of interlude, of meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration, where the soul organizes itself for battle, and the personality waits. Here we have the activity wherein the personality grows and develops and, at the same time, veils and hides “the hidden man of the heart”, the soul aspect, within the human form, as Master Djwal Khul defines it. It is the time where duality is known, but neither of the two aspects dominates, making each of us undergo a challenging swinging experience between the old way of being, the old habits and the old desires, and the soul life. For this reason, Libra has also being called “the place of judgment”, because it is the place where we make a decision and we cast the die which separates “the sheep from the goats” or, in astrological terms, Aries from Capricorn.

The Sun will be in Aries (opposite Libra) and Pluto in Capricorn, creating a magnificent T-square configuration with the Full Moon, which will trigger a point of crisis through the manifestation of a situation wherein the reorientation of attitude is necessary.Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity

The inner and the outer will go through a process of alignment through the Great Law of Lord Karma. In the esoteric teachings Karma is associated to number 8 and the Tarot card Justice, which is also related to Libra. 8 is about “finding the point of balance between action and reaction, so that we can develop a natural alignment with our inner truth, without questioning ourselves through guilt and pride.” (Claudine Aegerter in “The Spirit of the Tarot. Numbers as Initiators of the Major Arcana”)

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
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The 8 tells us to destroy the old ideas and bring new ones; it is about becoming aware of the inner truth of the soul and to start exteriorising it. This means that the protection, the fear and the wanting to be in control, will be dissolved making us realize that the delusions come from what we thought we were. Karma is our Teacher and it offers us an opportunity to go beyond the limitations of where we are from the point of view of our thinking, emotions and behaviour.

The Sun in Aries is the Soul and Pluto in Capricorn represents the place of experience where we encounter our old self and our past desires, creating painful confrontation in order to get to know ourselves as a soul. Jupiter conjunct the Moon will support the coming together of the heart and the mind, giving us the space to realize the truth within.

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb – Jan van Eyck

Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra, is conjunct the Sun, bringing the energy of Ray 7 of Ceremonial Order and Magic into the situation, bringing new forms of civilizations. Ray 7 may bring disorder and chaos, wrong use of speech, untruth and the emergence of selfish values in order to lead to the use of soul powers for spiritual ends, the identification of oneself with the truth and right order according to the Greater Plan. Uranus materializes what is in need of objective manifestation through the bringing together of Spirit (soul) and matter (the personality – the Moon). It is through Uranus that the great pairs of opposites of Aries and Libra come together as he is symbolic of “God the Father”, He who relates. And Aries is the reorientation of the mind and the “sacrificing of the Lamb”, meaning that the soul contact will redeem us from our own misunderstandings, guilt, pride and the darkness of matter.

Pluto in Capricorn, an earth sign, vehicles the energy of Ray 1 of Will and Power. Symbolically the goat leads us in arid ways in search for food and water, but it also climbs to the mountaintop. In this sign we have expressed the densest point of the manifestation of matter, which makes it become very hard. At this point, according to the Law, matter is easily shattered and destroyed and man brings about his own destruction with the support of Lord Karma. Capricorn is also a sign of conclusion or “periodic arresting” as, when we reach the top of the mountain, we cannot go any further, because the only way is to descend into the valley of pain, despair and death before being able to climb up again. Pluto askes us to face what we have created, which now needs to crumble and be rebuild according to a new inner truth. For this reason, Capricorn is considered a sign of choice and it represents the inauguration of a new cycle of effort, strain and inner battle with the higher forces of the soul.

The energy of the Sun will be enhanced by the trine with Saturn, standing at 27° in Sagittarius, conjunct to the Galactic Center at 26°. Saturn has the aim to offer an opportunity, or situation, which makes the choice inevitable and a determinant conscious act, entailing responsibility.

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
Philip Sedgwick

As Philip Sedgwick affirms in his book “The Galactic Trilogy”, the Galactic Centre is like a candle of infrared energy which performs two primary functions on our awareness: “First, IFR opens up the subconscious mind. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma. Of course, this also means relinquishing your greatest emotional grievances [..]. Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress” and, on the other, “The Galactic Center acts like a satellite dish, directing divinely inspired information straight to the potentially receptive grey matter of our brains. If you believe in God, this might be the voice you hear. Regardless, within this connection you have the ability to pull down wild information which you would otherwise have no way of knowing.”

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
Pink Phlox

In the language of flowers the Pink Phlox flowers are the expression of the search and the receptivity to partners alike, meaning that their purpose is to support us in finding our true self, our true soul for the inner marriage. It is about new relationship paradigms and a new and deeper quality of Love woven in acceptance of who we truly are deep within the self and the acceptance of the emergence of a sense of affinity that we haven’t experienced before within the self. Affinity has been described as the feeling of Love beyond time and distance because only what is real is permanent.

Meeting the soul within or through the other is a blessing; it is about the emergence of the truth from within. It is about embracing the change the fragrance of which had been in the air for a while and accepting it wholeheartedly, as we acknowledge that we have meet Love, firstly within ourselves.

Pink Full Moon: The Interlude and Affinity
Wheel of Life

Let go of thought!

Don’t take it into your heart!

You are naked, and thought is like ice.

You use thought to seek release from suffering and pain,

while thought is the cause of your suffering and pain.

The realm of creation is outside the scope of thought.

O foolish one, see the opus and behold the beauty!

Look in the direction from which images flow.

See the brook that causes the wheel to turn.

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī



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