New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
Yin and Yang Pisces – Prince Banised

On 26th February we will witness an extraordinary event in the sky: a New Moon at 8° in Pisces with a beautiful annular Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon forms within eighteen and a half degrees of one of the Lunar Nodes. This event ushers a time of new beginnings, because whatever we start during the time between the eclipse and the next Full Moon will be enhanced in the following 6 months.

The key point of this Solar Eclipse is that it is taking place in Pisces, which is the sign of endings, reorientation and liberation. This means that on a personal level we will experience major endings and beautiful new beginnings, as something major has to be released before the long-awaited renaissance can take place.

In esoteric numerology the day represents the field of experience in which we can explore and get to know the self; the month is the rhythm number or rehearsal, which is an energy that modifies and aligns us to the higher self; and the addition of the full date represents the soul energy, what has to be expressed for the expansion of consciousness.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
The Hebrew Name of God – YHVH

26/8, the day number, is called the Lord of Karma, the guide. It is about the alignment between the inner and the outer worlds and in the Bible it is the number representing the Power of Salvation. The Hebrew name of God, Yahweh (YHVH), carries a numerical value of 26 (Y = 10; H = 5; V = 6; H = 5) and the translation of the word “Salvation” in Hebrew is Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name), which is symbolic of the soul. In the 26th Psalm Jacob-Israel returned to Bethel, the “house of God,” to meet with Yahweh. In Hebrew 26 is given by the letters Kaph and Vav, meaning an open hand with a nail, referring to Jesus’ hands nailed to the cross. What was nailed to the cross was described by Saint Paul as “the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us,” figurative of the memorandum of the life that do not belongs to us as a soul. 8 heralds the truth; it is the number of the manifestation of the will of Spirit into matter; what had been hidden will no longer be hidden from us, meaning that Spirit will open our minds to the truth. February is associated to number 2 as it is the second month of the year. 2 is about separation, but also union through the wisdom of Love. It means that life will show us what we have to leave behind and what we have to unify with, as we are ready to walk the life we are meant to live. 28/10/1, the addition of the number of the day and the month, which represents the First Goal, the inner work of aligning the personality so that it may be guided by the soul, is called Birth of Courage. It is about rebirth and new beginning and it is the number of the leading of the Spirit. In Hebrew 28 is expressed by the letters Kaph and Chet, signifying the open palm covering the inner chamber of the heart. The palm is the part of the body where the potential of the Divine manifestation comes into materialization and the heart is the place where we meet the essential life of the soul. This means that the Divine law is written upon our hearts and, as we hear the inner voice of the soul, we are led by the Spirit.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
David and Goliath – Caravaggio

David’s name is mentioned for the 28th time in 1 Sam. 17:39, where he decided not to wear Saul’s armour to fight Goliath, but went against him with the full armour of God, the spiritual armour given by the Holy Spirit.

The total addition of the date is 38/11/2 (26+2+2+0+1+7), which is the number of “breakthrough”, the guidance of the karmic intent. It is about working or dealing with what comes to us, about denying duality and revealing the unity of God; it is the power to produce synthesis on the physical plane, it is about releasing the inner conflict and seeing God behind the veil. The 38th time the word Elohim (God) appears in Genesis refers to the achievement of God’s work of creation through the authority (Lamed = 30) of His heart (Chet= 8): “Then the Lord God formed man of the dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being”.

This lunation will be in Pisces, the sign where we experience the fusion or blending of soul and form, producing the manifestation of the perfected individual soul, the completed manifestation of the microcosm. Here the greater and the lesser polar opposites — the personality and the soul – are brought to their destined expression and manifestation in order to manifest the true life we are meant to live.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
Neptune – Kuba Ambrose

Pisces is also associated to bondage or captivity, renunciation or detachment, sacrifice and death. The Moon and the Sun will be embraced by the South Node, representative of the past, the karmic residue which we haven’t yet transmuted or balanced, on one side, and Neptune, which represents the urge to escape from the limitation of the personality, on the other. All these celestial bodies will create an interesting semi-square with Uranus and Mars in Aries, triggering the T-square configuration outlined together with Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

Traditionally Neptune is the ruler of Pisces on the Mutable Cross, the one associated to personality and mass consciousness.  On the Fixed Cross and on the Cardinal cross, this task is appointed to Pluto, which diffuses his own influence from Capricorn.  Stephen Arroyo affirms that “Pluto represents a commitment to act upon our needs for transformation, to incorporate the higher levels of consciousness into our very being, knowing that all desires and attachments will have to be brought to the surface and purged and that all our true motives will have to be faced.

Pluto brings to the surface what must be eliminated. It brings about some kind of “separation” from people, activities and things; it is about a total end of an old identity, an old shell holding us down, in order to transform it in a new source of power. It is about the suffering created by the meeting our old self and past desire with the purpose of truly “Knowing Thyself”. Capricorn is about the Divine Will revealed as a culmination of the spiritual purpose, it is about kneeling to Spirit and offer our heart and life to the soul.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
La Temperance – Oswald Wirth Tarot XIIII

Skat, a Fixed Star conjunct the New Moon, confirms the act of kneeling to the Higher Plan because it is located in the shinbone of the Water bearer. In the Kabbalistic teachings Aquarius is associated to the 14th Tarot card La Temperance and the letter Nun, which means Fish. Temperance is an angel with wings. The attainment of this card is about the acceptance of the process of the mind burning off some of the old structure so that a new vision may appear; it is about the inner alchemical fusion which transforms us from form to essence, from personality to soul, so that we may experience the long-awaited renaissance. Temperance orders reality. Once the rebirth happens, the water or essence of life has to pass from the silver to the gold vase; from the Moon, the personality, to the Sun, the soul. It is a great power of creation, coming from the fusion of the soul with the personality in order to manifest our true life.

Jupiter is about the fusion between the mind and the heart. Since 6th February this planet has been following a retrograde motion. Jupiter has always been considered a lucky planet but, when retrograde, it has first to create a pathway, which most of the times involves the breaking down of old structures, belief systems, relationships, values, goals and dreams in order to dispense the prosperity coming from the Universe. Jupiter reminds us to look at things from a wide prospective, as whatever happens has the purpose to help us become who we truly are.

Uranus and Mars in Aries will support the reorientation of our thoughts and our mind. Uranus is the “Voice of God” giving birth to personal confrontation so that the truth may be revealed. Both Uranus and Mars will be at 21 degrees in Aries, which in the Sabian symbols relate to a state of inner fulfilment.

It is a time to break through the veil of the illusions created by the personality in order to live a new life from a place of peace, love and fulfilment for who you truly are and give space to what you feel you are called to.

It is important not to react to what we perceive as negative only because we do not truly understand it from our little minds, but instead move forward without looking behind, knowing that all it was meant to be as Spirit was leading it behind the scenes.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Pisces: The Long-Awaited Renaissance
Burning Candle


“Being a candle is not easy.

In order to give light,

one must first burn.”

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī


Cristiana Caria

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