New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle

The next New Moon will occur on 29th November at 7° in the Sagittarius constellation leading us out of the inner darkness of the subconscious that the last New Moon in Scorpio asked us to explore, in order to re-emerge into the light.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle

Originally Sagittarius was depicted as a centaur, a horse-human hybrid with the upper part of the body of a man and the lower part of a horse, while later it became an archer on a white horse as it was aiming to describe a necessary rise in consciousness which was intended to be the aspiration of the initiate.

The symbolism of the centaur came from the Atlantean times where the Centaur was the symbol of the development of the human soul, with its human objectives, its selfishness, its identification with the form, its desires and aspirations. The archer on the white horse signifies the orientation of the man towards his soul and the unfoldment of the Divine Plan as it is. The Centaur is half man and half animal, while the Archer is half human and half Divine, as the white horse is the symbol of the Divinity. Sagittarius has sometimes been called “the sign of the effect of Scorpio” because the moment we have freed ourselves from illusion after the fall in Scorpio, we envision the goal that we could not see before, because of the cloud of our thought forms preventing us from seeing it. Sagittarius is the spirit of truth; it is the sum of all Truth growing out of individual revelation.

The key here is to be open to the new energy rising from within as it is going to broaden our vision and offer us the opportunity for a new beginning.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle
Jupiter and Juno – Annibale Carracci

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is the alchemical fire wich both purifies and transforms the very substance of man’s inner life, meaning that deep forces are at work in the deepest layers of the psyche triggering an alchemical change within and a new response to life. The key of this new energy comes from the asteroid Juno, which is conjunct the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius, and the Fixed Star Antares at 9° Sagittarius. Juno (Hera) was the wife of Jupiter (Zeus). She shared with her husband the rulership of the Heavens and presided over the institution of marriage. Many times she was betrayed by Jupiter but, even if she was fighting with him about it, she always remained in her position. Her appearance in the configuration of this New Moon opens up an important theme in our life: what have we accepted and ignored within us in order to achieve or maintain what we believed was right from the personality point of view?

Now we have to face the fact that we have accepted a lot of things but in the end it is the Juno in us who suffers. We sought love and acceptance but what was coming to us was conditional upon what we wanted to achieve in the outer world.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle
Archangel Uriel

The Fixed Star Antares is one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia, associated to Archangel Uriel since the ancient times. Antares is the heart of the constellation of Scorpio. Symbolically the scorpion represents protection, what we protect in order to feel safe, to maintain our status and success.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle
B97 by Aura-Soma® – Archangel Uriel

In the Aura-Soma® Colour-Care system, Archangel Uriel relates to bottle B97, gold over royal blue. Uriel is “The Fire/Light of God” that is going to dissolve our illusions so that we can see with clarity into our innermost depths. It is about the revelation of the love from within so that we may open to the heart (the emerald green coming from the shaking together of the two colour fraction) and envision the new direction that our soul is asking us to follow.

The Sun/Moon configuration will be squared to the South and North Node, which represent the past we are coming from and the new possibility for the future. We are asked to go from Pisces to Virgo, from self-doubt and feeling of inadequacy to self-confidence in following the soul direction.

In Esoteric Numerology the day in which the New Moon occurs is called “The birth of the Light” or “Birth of Consciousness” and the full addition of the day is 29+11+9 (2+0+1+6) is 49/13/4, called “Thy Way”.

It is truly the time of new opportunities and we are offered the possibility to follow this new path. The old has come to an end and the new is rising and wants to be manifested. In the last year we had to let go of the idea we had about ourselves and now we are in the realm of the Soul, ready to welcome the beauty of its Love in our life; follow its guidance and you will be reborn in Spirit.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Beginning of a New Cycle
A Painting of Rumi – Anonymous Author

“Be the king who has made his own kingdom.

Be the moon that has made its own summit.

How much longer will you coo coo like a pigeon?

Empty your head of all mortal lusts

And become life without breath.

You will not call out for God anymore,

For you have become immersed in God.”

Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī


Cristiana Caria

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