New Moon in Leo: The Gateway to a New Existence

Dark side of the Moon – N.A.S.A.

In esoteric astrology the Moon represents our personality, what we think, feel and the behavioural patterns that we have been carrying from the previous life, and which are ready to be purified and transformed. It is associated to those desires and needs that have shown their incapacity to fulfil our essence, because they did not reflect our inner quality and did not truly belong to us as a soul.

In this context the New Moon, which indicates the beginning of a new lunar cycle, is a very important event because it is the time when the sun illuminates the side of the moon we never see. This means that all the aspects that we normally keep in the subconscious mind will come to the surface to bring old situations to a resolution and give birth to new ones. The energy of the New Moon in Leo, which occurs on 2nd August, will be deeply profound for us all.

Strenght – Oswald Wirth Tarot XI

Leo is the star sign of the human being who knows himself to be an individual and becomes aware of himself as a soul. In this sign the personality and the Soul meet within and they come together in a new way. Leo is associated to the esoteric Tarot card Strength (the Force), which depicts a woman holding the jaws of a lion, gently taming it. The keynote of this card is “Let the force be with you”, referring to the force and the passion of the unconditional love of the initiate who serves the soul. This means that through Love the individual can burn any drop of lust that is left in him, all the pride and self-concerns that might still be present in his thinking, feeling and behaviour. The Lion is being tamed, meaning that we no longer fight with ourselves and that the Love of the soul, represented by the woman, will manifest itself as inner truth.

This Moon, conjunct to the Sun, which, from the esoteric point of view, is the expression of the will of the Soul, will create an effective planetary configuration in order to support the inner process of alchemical transmutation. When we talk about alchemy, we refer to the fusion between the different personality aspects that generate a strong polarity within and a sense of separation.

Saturn – Lucas Cranach the Younger

In the sky we will observe Saturn (and Mars in Sagittarius, at less than 10 degrees to the Lord of Karma and Time) squaring Neptune and the South Node, in quincunx (150°) with the Sun and the Moon, which are trine (120°) to Saturn. Saturn, which in esoteric numerology is associated to number 8, is asking us to align our material life to our spiritual nature. It is a planet, which does not accept any compromise and pushes us to the point where we must face the inner truth. In the colour language Saturn’s energy is green, emphasizing the fact that we cannot hold any pain in our heart any longer and that we must face our truth and walk the way of the Soul. The trine between the Sun, the New Moon and Saturn will increase the urge for a true sense of identity, asking us to be open to see with honesty the reality of the Soul on one side and the deceptive ideas that the personality hold about who we are or should be on the other. For this reason Saturn may bring to the surface our fears, sense of guilt, making us feel restricted by the situation we live, triggering the need for breaking through it. His influence will be supported by the squaring action of Neptune, conjunct to the South Node. We will be propelled to detach from the illusory desires and attachments of the personality and to follow the Will of Spirit, represented by the God of the Sea. As the astrologer Stephen Arroyo affirms, «Neptune is associated with mysticism, mystery, a sense of oneness, spiritual development, and inspiration» and it vehicles an energy which we cannot understand but to whom we can only surrender. We have lived and experienced our fantasies and idealizations about a specific area of life and now we have come to the point where we have to face the disillusionment in order to meet a higher reality.

The South Node is associated to the karmic patterns that we have the tendency to repeat and that we should leave behind. It is an active yang energy, which is asking us to renounce to the desires and attachments of the personality that are not in harmony with our true essence. Its position at 13° Pisces confirms that we can no longer stay in unpleasant situations and that it is time to let them go. Number 13 is symbolic of an initiation, it is symbolic of death and the opening to another level of being: it is a renunciation to “our” way of living (personality), to the past, to who we have been until now.

As we transmute the past and the old one dies with No Name (Tarot 13), we rise from within with a new name and a new understanding about who we are as a soul.

Neptune and the South Node are in quincunx (150°) with the Sun and the New Moon at 11° Leo, conjunct to the asteroid Siva at 12 ° Leo. Siva was named after the Hindu God Shiva, the Auspicious one, because he is responsible for change in the sense of destroying the ego and the false identification with the form, including the shedding of old habits and attachments, by bringing it to death and destruction. It is a great purifying power, which opens the path for a new creation and a new opportunity to unfold.

Yeratel (Tav Resh Yud)

In esoteric astrology Leo refers to the Call of the Divinity, it is Love manifesting as the Will to merge with the Plan, through one`s creative expression, and the will to serve, the actualization of the Higher Self.

The New Moon will fall under the regency of Angel Yeratel, YUD RESH TAV, meaning “Defending God” and also called “Silent partner”. Yeratel highlights the fact that in our life we are constantly accompanied by the Light and the darkness – the Love of the Soul and the inner deception of the personality games.

We cannot have two guides and, for that reason, he reminds us that we will always be protected, if we follow the path of the soul and Spirit.

Aura-Soma® Equilibrium B75
Aura-Soma® Equilibrium B75

This angel is associated to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle 75, “Go with the Flow”, magenta over turquoise. Magenta is associated to the unconditional Love of the soul coming down from above and expanding within us so that we may understand who we truly are (turquoise) and be able to express ourselves from the heart in a truthful way.

It is a deep energy of re-orientation and an call to follow the flow of Love – an invitation to walk through the gate that leads to your Real Self, your Soul, and live fully in the light of Her guidance.


“You think you are alive because you breathe air?

Shame on you, that you are alive in such a limited way.

Don’t be without Love, so you won’t feel dead.

Die in Love and stay alive forever.” – Rumi



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