Full Moon in Capricorn: Time for Change

Between the 19th and 20th July, as it depends on the time zone, we will have the Full Moon at 27°40’ Capricorn, while the Sun will be in the opposite sign at 27°40’ Cancer. Capricorn is the star sign representing the Light of Initiation; it is the Light which dares the way to the mountaintop, and produces transfiguration, revealing the Light of the Sun.


We know that Capricorn is depicted as a goat with a fish tail. The goat climbs the mountain and, as it reaches the top, it becomes a beautiful unicorn. From the esoteric point of view, this means that the Disciple has passed through the previous 9 Labours of Hercules, which are an expression of the different aspects of desire that create illusion in the mind of man, and he is ready to ascend the mountaintop where he will receive the Fire of Spirit, which he will share in the world with Love/Wisdom. The mountain is symbolic of the human mind and it has the shape of a triangle. As we go up, we go within and we turn the triangle upside down to reveal the heart of the soul. In astrology Capricorn is the ruler of the 10th House, which is traditionally associated to honour and status, to all the authorities figures, to social responsibilities and, career and profession. In esoteric numerology 10 is called “Spirit born our of matter”, referring to the fact that Spirit and matter are not separated but that it is in matter, in the everyday life, that the Light of Spirit can be found and unveiled. Esoterically this House is associated to the Divine Will revealed as the culmination of the spiritual purpose, the opportunity for spiritual advancement and responsibility and the exteriorized field of service.

This means that this moon is going to highlight what it is truly important for us from the Soul point of view – the Path.

Flock of birds fly free in the sky at the Moonlight

Capricorn is a Royal Blue sign. Royal Blue is the colour associated to the House of David, the House Jesus descended from, and mysticism. Symbolically Jesus is the soul within each of us and, being a mystic originally meant looking for the Higher Self or soul. Royal Blue is also associated to determination, in the sense of the willingness and strength to carry out our mission, but also it expresses a tendency to withdraw and feeling isolated from others. When we climb a mountain, we do it by ourselves; it is within us that we find the passion and the strength to keep going, especially at the very end. At the beginning it is easy as we are just at the feet of it, but, as we start going up, it gets steeper and steeper and it is hard to endure.

The Sabian symbol of this Full Moon is: a large aviary. Birds symbolize spiritual forces contained within the mind that is open to the Light of the Soul reality, expressing the fact that we are reaching a stage within us where we start listening to the inner voices and positively respond to them.

From the personality point of view Capricorn describes a soul that is prisoner of and attached to the form, encased by structure, who is looking to perceive the energy from the form and serve the earth; it is the possibility of revealing the diamond from the coal. Capricorn teaches us how to break free from our attachments to the material aspects of life and learn to walk the path/life that we are meant to live as a soul.

Oswald Wirth Tarot XV - The Devil
Oswald Wirth Tarot XV – The Devil

This Full Moon will make flare up the crisis already unfolding since 4th July New Moon in Cancer. On that occasion we highlighted the fact that we would have been working on karmic endings of life circumstances, especially in relation to immediate relationships. Now it is the time to choose what we care the most, as Capricorn is associated to the Tarot card 15, the Devil. The Devil is the angel of God and he represents the manipulative influence of the human intellect, as he puts us in front of a big decision and is asking us to go for inner honesty in relation to who we truly are and want to be.

Opposite to the Moon there will be the Sun in the golden Cancerian energy, conjunct to the fixed star Procyon at 26° Cancer.  The crown of the Sun is associated to the personality, as our ego wants to feel like a king, while the heart of the Sun relates to the soul, reminding us that if we wish to connect to the essence, we need to go under the surface, beyond appearance, right to the core of our being. Gold is about discrimination and wisdom. Discrimination is the ability to perceive beneath the surface appearance of things, to recognise the inner value of something, while wisdom is what is informed by a living connection with Spirit. But Gold might also express anxiety, confusion, delusion and deception, inner and outer.

The result is that we will start to see the inner games that our intellect plays with us by bringing up to the surface the truth of our self-deception.

The fixed star Procyon has both a Mercurial and a Martian quality so it will colour this Full Moon landscape with the quality of assertiveness and intelligent communication, the possibility of transmuting the desire of the body in desires of the Soul in order to awaken to the Divine Knowledge. Because of its influence, enhanced by the rebellious turquoise energy of Uranus and the red quality of Mars, this awakening process (red) to the voice of the inner teacher (turquoise) might bring up body sensations that we may experience as anger and nervousness. Mars is in Scorpio at about 25 degrees and the Sabian symbol for it is: Native Americans making camps after mooving to a new territory. This symbol refers to the ability to adjust to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements.

The time for change has come and the way will be shown by our inner voice. Each of us will clearly feel in the body where we want to go. The body sensations will show us the way.

Aura-Soma® Equilibrium B63
Aura-Soma® Equilibrium B63

In the Mutable (personality) and Fixed Cross (disciple) Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. The Lord of Time and Karma is associated to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle 63, emerald green over pale green, connected to the two Ascended Masters Djwal Khul and Hilarion.

Saturn does not offer compromises and it obliges us to go within and look at the truth (green) with honesty in order to bring to our consciousness the clarity about the direction (green) leading to the opening of the heart and the connection to the soul quality. Saturn is trine to Venus, who is the soul ruler of Capricorn. Venus will enhance the need for introspection to reveal the inner manipulation of the intellect and join the inner and the outer worlds through Love. Love and acceptance of the truth of the heart are the answer and the Way between the old and the new.

“Reason says: «In this world there are only six directions: north, east, south, west, up, and down.  There is no way out of those limits».

Love says: «But I have many times escaped».”  –  Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Cristiana Caria

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