Full Moon in Sagittarius: From Intellect to Soul

Full Moon in Sagittarius
Full Moon in Sagittarius

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, occurring on May 21st, at 01°14 is going to offer us the possibility to walk on a new inner path which could possibly change our lives, if we have the courage to take it and start working on the self. The majority of the comments about this Full Moon talks about polar opposites and conflicts in relationships, which are going to be manifested in the period of time around it.

From the personality point of view, which belongs to the exoteric astrology, this could be very true. But our purpose is to go beyond the personality, the form, to take the possibility to become more of who we truly are, our Soul.

As we have already described in our previous articles, the Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposite to the Sun in order to reveal, to “harvest”, what we have been working on from the previous New Moon, which, in this instance, was in Scorpio. Scorpio is about death, transformation and new beginnings, a re-orientation in relation to the Soul as it is the star sign that is associated to the way out of the Personality life – things die because they are no longer part of us and our Soul is re-aligning us to the Spiritual Will. This Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, opposite to the Sun in Gemini. Gemini is about relationship and communication. From the esoteric point of view it talks about the relationship between Spirit and matter, where the Soul is the mediator between the two. The exoteric ruler is Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, flying up and down the Rainbow Bridge (the 7 chakras) in order to create a communication between the Higher and the lower self. Mercury belong to the 4th Ray, the ray of Harmony through Conflict, which highlights the fact that it is very difficult for us to see the manifestation of Spirit in matter and for that reason we generally think of them as opposites. For that reason our intellect has the tendency to polarize and be unstable in relation to the vicissitudes of ordinary life, creating instability, unpredictable changes and lack of cohesion.

Hesperides - A. Herter
Hesperides – A. Herter

In esoteric astrology each star sign has to face one of the 12 labours of Hercules in order to reconnect to the Soul potential. Gemini is associated to the 3rd Labour – The Picking of the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides.

This labour talks about the opportunity of bringing back together the body and the soul so that the duality we experience becomes oneness – the physical plane in fact is not separate from Spirit, but, on the contrary, is the place where we gain experience and knowledge in order to re-align to the Will of God.

Venus with putti and attendants – H. Zatzka

For that reason the purpose of education (ruled by Gemini) is to acquire the knowledge in order to receive the revelations from above, and this can happen only if we open ourselves up to the influence of Venus, which is the esoteric ruler of Gemini. Venus has the purpose of transforming knowledge into wisdom by connecting the lower and the Higher Self through Love. Venus will be at 26°54’ in Taurus, conjunct to the Sun, supporting the quality of the loving heart and transformation in relationships, while Mercury will be at 14°21’ in Taurus, in Quincunx with Saturn, the Guardian of the Threshold – asking us to align to the soul – at 14°01’ in Sagittarius.

The Moon in Sagittarius will be conjunct to Mars, which could trigger in us strong reactions and conflicts in relation to the way we use our communication in relationships. But the labour of Sagittarius reminds us that we have to learn to quieten our mind in order to be able to distinguish between good and bad, between Love and instincts in order to find the Real Truth.

Hercules slays the Dragon in the Garden of the Hesperides.
Hercules slays the Dragon in the Garden of the Hesperides – P.P. Rubens

The symbol associated to Sagittarius is the chrysalis, which means that we have to loose everything in order to find the true life within us – it is an invitation to ask ourselves how we react and why we react and check if it is the time to let go of situations and relationships we do no longer need in order to live our life in harmony with the Soul. It is a sign that teaches us harmlessness and silence and asks us to respond instead of react.

The Sabian symbol associated to the degree of this Full Moon is Sagittarius 2: “WHITE-CAPPED WAVES DISPLAY THE POWER OF WIND OVER SEA“, which means that there will be a mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressure of super-personal motives.

Aura-Soma® B1 - Rescue della Fisicità
Aura-Soma® B1 – Physical Rescue

In symbolism, the wind (pneuma is the early Greek word for “spirit”) is associated with spiritual dynamism, which is the result of cosmic or super-personal rhythms that we cannot control. This confirms that what we experience in life is the result of a subtle spiritual movement of energies, which have the purpose of waking us up to the yet unrevealed potential of the soul.

The Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle that is relative to this degree is the Physical Rescue, B1, blue over deep magenta. The main theme of this bottle is to help us understand and accept that everyday life is spiritual and to support us in overcoming all the feelings of separations so that we can contact the inner strength by accepting the guidance of the Soul.

The Magician
Le Bateleur

The Esoteric Tarot card, Le Bateleur, the apprentice initiate, is asking us to look for a deeper meaning to life, because he knows that there is more than what we see: “Make definitions, and you are the measure of all creation. Thus, being forever without desire, you look deeply into the transcendent. By constantly harbouring desire, your vision is beset by all the things around you. These two enter the world alike, but their names are different. Alike, they are called profound and remote. Profound and remote and again more so: This is the gate to all mysteries.” – Tao Te Ching, section 1.

The Greater Life and Soul are one – we are asked to open up to the Truth of Existence and start living from it.

Cristiana Caria

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