22nd April Full Moon in Scorpio: A possibility of Inner Alchemy

Full Moon in Scorpio
Full Moon in Scorpio

On 22nd April we will experience the intense energy of the Full Moon at 2° in Scorpio, while the Sun will be at its opposite in Taurus.

Scorpio is a turquoise star sign, which carries the energy of a profound regeneration and resurrection of the soul qualities. Scorpio rules death, but not in a negative way.

Death represents a transition, a passage from one stage to another, in order to be illumined by the light of the Soul. The Scorpionic energy talks about something that hides in the darkness and that it is ready to hurt us in order to transform and revitalize us.

Carl Gustav Jung
Carl Gustav Jung

The turquoise energy is about the process of individuation, a term coined by the psychologist Carl Jung, who used to describe individuation as the process in which the individual self develops out of an undifferentiated unconscious where innate elements of the personality (made of the physical, emotional and mental aspects) become integrated over time into a whole, leading towards a greater connection to the Soul and supporting the individual in becoming more connected with the collective.

From the personality point of view Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto (who, in this instance, represents death and the attachment to form) relates to being deceived by Maya (the illusion and glamour of the material reality), while from the soul point of view, this star sign which is ruled by Mars, relates to the disciple who is fighting within to allow the Soul to be triumphant in our life in order to be of service to the world.

A Full Moon represents the end of an Act in your on-going life story. It looks like a movie where all the different aspects of the plot are pulled together in order to see the intertwined whole. The Full Moon is a time when we have the possibility to see the soul plan unfolding. The Sun (the Soul) shines its light on the Moon (personality), which is there to reflect it back and allow the past to be brought up to consciousness in order to be transformed and transmuted.

Sun in Taurus
Sun in Taurus

The Sun in Taurus talks about our spiritual values, which must be aligned to our material life – matter is the expression of these values and, if they are not aligned, we will experience a withdrawal of life energy from its forms so that energy is left free to reformulate.

This means that we will experience a death of our earthly desires so that we can aspire to and be able to express the Will of Spirit. If what we want is not is alignment with the purpose of the Soul, we will go through an internal conflict in order to manifest the true life that we are meant to live.

Archer with Crossbow
Archer with Crossbow

Taurus is coral, which means that we will go from a situation in which we are completely dependant on our physical desires to a situation, where a new consciousness and a new way of being and seeing ourselves will emerge. This situation will be supported by a huge Crossbow pattern in the sky, created by the Sun, the Moon, Saturn (a closely Mars), squared both to the North Node and Jupiter.

The Crossbow aspect pattern denotes a release of tension, which has been building for some time and it is an indication of a danger to the apex planet (in this situation the Sun) because this will activate a powerful survival instinct, generating inner stress and tension which will be manifested externally or by outer events.

Aura-Soma® Equilibrium - B93 "Hansel"
Aura-Soma® Equilibrium – B93 “Hansel”

If we observe the relationship Taurus (Sun)/Scorpio (Moon) from the colour point of view, it can be associated to the Aura-soma® Equilibrium bottle B93, Hansel. Hansel, the character of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, can be associated to the rational aspect within, while his sister Gretel to the female intuitive aspect, and the witch to the old Dogma, what we believe as true. This bottle reminds us of letting go of the issues of dependency and co-dependency , all the addictions in which our personality finds itself in order to gain the independence of the Soul by opening ourselves to the universal truth.

We do not own our lives, but we are part of the Greater Life, which constantly guides us to the Greatest Good.

Saturn Devouring His Son (1636) by Peter Paul Rubens
Saturn Devouring His Son (1636) by Peter Paul Rubens

Saturn is the Guardian of the Threshold, the Lord of Time, asking us to align ourselves to the life we are meant to live and not to the life we think we want to live. It is about trials of restriction/death of the old thought forms in order to initiate us to the Way of the Soul, our Dharma (the correct behaviour and way of living).

The North Node and the South Node in a chart talk about Dharma and Karma. Karma is about repeating the old patterns of behaviour, while Dharma is about the practice of a full conscious and disciplined way of living in order to dissolve what keeps us in an unconscious state of mind. The North Node is in Virgo, which is associated to olive.

Olive is about the possibility of letting go of the bitterness in order to close the old situations and allow the new to come in. It is about the service to the Soul, the change of our daily routine and the shift from being a victim to be a participant in the creation of our real life. It is a time of letting go of our confusion, disorientation and chaos in our lives and start putting order, a time of letting go of the escapism and addictive tendencies in order to focus on the here and now to manifest what we as a Soul deeply want for ourselves.

Card II from Esoteric Tarot by Oswald Wirth
Card II from Esoteric Tarot by Oswald Wirth

The destructive energy of the past can finds its final release at this Full Moon, which is going to be a response point and no longer a reaction; in fact, there will be an opportunity to leave the dependency patterns behind and use your intuition and feelings to become who we truly are and who we are meant to be.

The inner conflict has been triggered, the result will depend on allowing our Soul to dive into the unconscious, represented by the 2° degree of the Moon, associated to the High Priestess in the Esoteric Tarot, and allow the inner truth of the Soul to emerge in the silence:

“Just die to everything you aspire to achieve and become, so as to be truly alive”.

Inner alchemy is an open possibility here, a chance for a rebirth into the consciousness of the Soul.

Cristiana Caria

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