New Moon in Aries: Let God Take Over

On 7th April 2016 there will be a new moon in the sky. A new moon symbolizes new beginnings and the need to start anew. This new moon will be at 18° in Aries, as one with the Sun, the Soul.

Moon in Aries
Moon in Aries

In the esoteric teachings the Moon reveals the past, it rules the physical body and it highlights the prison of the soul because it shows our limitations and the present obstacles. The moon is a non-sacred planet, which means that it works to promote the integration between the personality and the soul by creating inner conflicts with the aim of increasing the awareness of the soul presence. The moon in fact carries the energy of Ray 4, the Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, moving the will to harmonize and correlate by destroying the limits. From the personality point of view the moon is the ruler of Cancer, but from the esoteric point of view, she is the ruler of Virgo. Traditionally Cancer is connected to the 4th House in the Astrological template. This house is associated to the biological and karmic inheritance, it represents our home and it relates to karmic endings. From the colour point of view Cancer is gold, which expresses the potential for discrimination and wisdom, but fears and confusion, if we are driven by the unconscious.

Wirth Tarot XVIII - La Lune
Wirth Tarot XVIII – La Lune

On the other side Virgo is associated to the 6th House, which, from the soul point of view, represents the synthesis of the lower vehicles of the personality (physical, emotional and mental aspects within the self) and the integration of the soul qualities in order to serve the Divine Plan. The new moon relates to the possibility of dying to the old patterns of the personality and being reborn to the new energy of the Soul. In esoteric numerology it is associated to number 2, that is separation and duality, when it relates to the personality, while to number 7, fusion and synthesis, when it allows the energy of the soul to flow through.

The 18th degree of the fiery Aries, that is where the new moon stands, relates to the esoteric Tarot card The Moon, which speaks about Digesting the Past. The light penetrates the deep dark world of the subconscious, shown by the pond, which is full of decaying matter, in order to bring it up to the light of the Soul. This tarot card says that there is no return; it is about eating ourselves, what we thought we were, and disappearing. The word that goes with this card is “anguish”, in the sense that we will experience a sense of no hope. The answer is that we have to transmute hope into complete obedience and acceptance by understanding that we are going through a deep inner energetic process. We have to drop the belief in anything that sustained us and accept the great law of destruction and re-birth represented by the 8, the law of Karma. The law of number 18 is about the mind accepting the concept that our life isn’t ours, and the fact that we are here to “be used” by the universe because existence has a precise plan for us. It is about seeing the true reality and let God take over.

Uranus Planet

This Moon will be conjunct to Uranus, the dwarf planet Eris and Mercury, all squared to Pluto and trine to Saturn. Uranus manifests a sudden change in our life, while the presence of the little planet Eris will create an intense challenge to trigger the transformational process as this Greek goddess represents the Natural Law of Fire and Chaos of the Godness – Eris became Discordia in the Roman Pantheon. Eris brings liberation from addictions to success or status, clears priorities regarding matters of love and money, making us understand the meaning of a true sacred relationship, firstly the inner marriage to our soul.

The Judgement of Paris, 1904   by Enrique Simonet
The Judgement of Paris, 1904 by Enrique Simonet

In the Greek mythology Eris, which means conflict, strife and discord, displays a significant role as she caused the Trojan War. Eris was either the sister or the companion of the god of war, Ares. The myth talks about her subtle revenge for not being invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. On the occasion, she turned up with a golden apple on which she wrote the words “for the fairest”, and threw it before the wife of Zeus, Hera, his daughter Athena and Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sex, creating a huge quarrel between them about who was the most beautiful one. As the dispute could not be solved, they called on the king of gods, Zeus to choose between them. Zeus knew that this would have been creating trouble,  so he ordered Paris, son of the King of Troy known as wise and just in judging, to choose a winner from the 3 of them. Because Aphrodite promised Paris to make the most beautiful woman in the world fall in love with him, he chose her, causing the beginning of the Trojan War because this beautiful woman happened to be Helen of Troy, who was already married.

The myth relates to this new moon as it creates a situation to readjust what is out of balance by re-establishing the Mercurial communication between the Higher and the lower Mind. Pluto represents death, the death of desire, of personality and everything that does not allow the connection between opposites in order to achieve the final liberation.

Equilibrium - B0
Equilibrium – B0

Vicky Wall, the founder of the Aura-Soma colour-care system, attributed the Equilibrium bottle number 0, the Spiritual Rescue, royal blue/deep magenta, to Pluto.  In the colour language royal blue represents clarity at the sense doors, the possibility of going beyond the senses to see the truth in order to become a vehicle for grace (magenta). This bottle uncovers self-deception and supports us in trusting the higher order – “I love life. Life loves me” is its affirmation.

An invitation to surrender to the divine Will, because whatever we are going to be faced with, it will be a manifestation of the Greater Life as it is reconnecting ourselves with whom we truly are as Soul and our true path.

Cristiana Caria

Cover image by ShootingStarLogBook

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