Renewing Our Sense of Hope

September 11 is the anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Tower. That event was very significant in the world but it also brought into being the bottle of Archangel Samael.
The name “Samael” [Hebrew: סמאל] is very ancient and carries a very deep and extensive history. It is possibile to understand the meaning of this name and its use throughout mythology and scripture, if we first understand a little about Kabbalah and the Hebrew language.

Aura-Soma Equilibrium B102 Archangel Samael
Aura-Soma Equilibrium B102 Archangel Samael

When translated literally, his name reveals many mysteries as it might have a dual nature. Samael can mean “the bitter beverage of God” or “the poison of God.” Yet the name can equally be translated as “the perfume of God,” or “the medicine of God.”

Samael always fights spiritual wars – the war against the corruption of the human mind – because He is the great cosmic intelligence who is responsible for the spiritual development of this current humanity.

Interesting to see that the number of the bottle coincides exactly with the timing of the American event. If we look at the number 102, we discover interesting things. 102 can be read as 10/2 or as 12 with the 0 inside. 10 is the perfected man, but it is also the value of the Hebrew letter YOD, which is the germinal element of creation that makes up every one of the Hebrew letters. That means that perfection is present in all of life.

Number 2 relates to the second ray, the ray of Love and Wisdom, which enters the energy of number 10 to diffuse it with its energy. 2 is also the female receptive that needs to be developed into man. Number 12 is the number of the initiate, the person that puts himself in a challenging situation as it is required for the development of his soul. 0 is the amplifier. 12 refers also to the whole of humanity as, whenever the Bible mentions “12 nations”, it refers to the whole human race for it encompasses the 12 zodiac signs.

1238032_568478599878904_309160554_nThe deep olive/deep magenta of the bottle adds more meaning to what already said. We know olive is bitterness, but also hope and the femminine leadership of the heart. And we know that the deep magenta is the healing ray. Every time we have a deep magenta bottle that healing ray is there to support the rescuing of the colour above. What do we need to rescue or, by using Vicky Wall’s words, what do we need to re-cue?

Our sense of hope in the bitterness that we experience. Sometimes in life we make certain choices and then things happen and make us feel bitter about our choices, about us and about life. Difficult to overcome that bitterness during these times. When we experience bitterness, it feels like the two towers fall apart within us. What we are asked is to let them fall and trust.

536862_568478676545563_1675980988_nThe olive is the first colour in which we find blue, the blue of trust and faith. It feels like that blue is coming down from above to grasp us like an hand coming from above (yod means hand), and the only the only thing we have to do is to trust that hand. What happens to us in life is always part of a big divine plan.

Spirit appears sometimes as a poison to bring a medicine in our life. The belief system and the values we built our life on we not in harmony with the will of God, with our Highest Good.

This is why Spirit comes, to rescue us, to re-cue our life. This is very profound at this point in time where everything has been tested on all levels. 1+0+2= 3 and 3 is the divine plan. Trust the divine plan and regain your sense of hope. Everything has a reason, it is simply that we cannot see the new beginning now, but it will soon be shown to you.

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