Numbers and the Seven Rays of Light

 “Sounds and colours are all spiritual numerals; as the seven prismatic rays proceed from one spot in heaven, so the seven powers of nature, each of them a number, are the seven radiations of the Unity, the central, spiritual SUN.” – H. P. Blavatsky Isis Unveiled

7 raggiThe concept of the seven rays appeared in several religions and esoteric teachings since the 6th century BC in both Western culture and in India. They were considered energies, radiating or emanating forth – like the seven beams or rays – from the Absolute, the Central Spiritual/Universal Sun at the origin of existence.

Spirit and matter became mutually interactive and the form or appearance of the solar system began the process of becoming, which led to the manifestation of an eventual being.

For this reason these seven qualities have consequently a sevenfold effect upon the matter and form, which permeates the all universe, and they also have a sevenfold interrelation between themselves.

BeachAs the first differentiation of the divine trinity of Spirit-Consciousness-Form, they provide the entire field of expression for the manifested Deity. In the scriptures of the world we are told that the relationship between Spirit (Father) and Matter (Mother) manifests ultimately the Son, which can be seen as the consciousness aspect.

Spirit, the Father, the First aspect of Divinity, the Fire which produces all that is, can be referred to as Life, the initiating Cause and Source of all manifestation. Matter, the Mother, or form is the illusory outer Appearance animated by Life. The consciousness aspect, the Son of God, which is known as the Cosmic Christ incarnated in form, is the Quality of the constant and impermanent interplay between matter and spirit.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is called the trinity of the Knower, the field of knowledge, and knowledge. The field of knowledge is an appearance or an illusion, and knowledge itself has to be transmuted into wisdom.

soap-bubbles on nature backgroundForm —- Mutability, conscious response to radiation. Matter.

Self-Consciousness —- Responsiveness. Awareness of identity. Soul.

Life —- Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source. Spirit.

IMG_00701. The synthesis of life —————- spirit.

2. The unity of consciousness ——– soul.

3. The integration of forms ———– body.

These three aspects join together in the manifested universe and in man incarnate, creating the seven types of qualified forms, or Seven Rays, which emerge on all planes and in all kingdoms.

In the Esoteric Numerology the 7 Rays are closely related to numbers so that, when we refer to a number, we also relate to the energy and the quality carried by the ray.

There are three main rays, which are referred to as Primary Rays or the Rays of Aspect, and there are four other rays referred to as the Rays of Attribute.

The three primary rays of aspect are:

  • 1st Ray of Will/Power

An aspect of this ray is the ability of heralding the courage of sure knowledge in the midst of difficulty and discomfort.

  • 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom

This is the quality of magnetic cohesion which works through all creation of forms on every level, and that can draw to itself that which is loved.

  • 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence

It is the Intelligence of Nature, of use of form to reveal the Divine principle.

The rays of attribute are:

  • 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

Its purpose is to create Beauty, as the expression of Truth, through the continuous interplay of life and form, in order to build the plan originally contemplated by the mind of God, which is not revealed, but can be contemplated in the combination of sound, colour, word and music of the body of manifestation of this life.

  • 5th Ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge

This is the Great Life in touch with the mind of the creative God.

  • 6th Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion

This ray endows man with the capacity to see the reality behind the form and the yearning to penetrate behind the veiled and hidden nature of existence.

  • 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic and Ritual

This is the capacity of unifying the inner quality with the outer tangible form.

Alice Bailey
Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey said “There is nothing in the whole solar system at whatever stage of evolution, that does not belong to one of the seven rays.”

Numbers are symbols, which express the unfoldment of these 7 energies within us, a reflection of consciousness in us, which wants to manifest the spiritual energy that it carries.

The work of each human being is the fusion of quality and appearance in order to produce true appearance, which can be referred to as spiritualized matter.

In an ancient Atlantean rule given to mystics we read these words: “Let the disciple know the nature of his Lord of Love. Seven the aspects of the love of God; seven the colours of that manifesting One; sevenfold the work; seven the energies and sevenfold the Path back to the centre of peace. Let the disciple live in love, and love in life”.

Madame Blavlasky with the Masters
Madame Blavlasky with the Masters

“Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are a Trinity synthesized by Life, which pervades them all.” Madame Blavlasky, The Secret Doctrine

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