Metanoia and the Inner Spiritual Transformation

LavanderMetanoia is a deep transformative process, which takes place in our lives when Spirit enters our being and teaches us how to truly meet our true Self – our soul and essence.

The word metanoia, from its Greek translation, indicates a complete change of mind: META, signifying transformation, transference, beyondness, and NOIA, which comes from Nous, mind.

So the transformative process of metanoia implies a new-minded way of looking at ourselves by transferring the individual consciousness from the mundane, or outer world, to the inner and higher level, where we call upon Spirit in us to understand who we are and what God is asking of us.

In the teachings of Jesus and the apostles the word metanoia was full of remarkable meaning which, at a later time, was mistranslated into the word “repentance”, which stands for feeling remorse or regret for your sins.

Jesus teaching in the temple
Jesus teaching in the temple

When Jesus shared this concept, he used the word tob meaning “to return”, “to flow back to God”, a far greater significance than feeling sorry for misconduct: Metanoia suggests the process of “going beyond or higher than the ordinary mental state” (Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution, Stanislav Grof, Marjorie Livingston Valie, page 125) to a place in us where we meet with God.

This spiritual transformation of the mind occurs when we realize that we do not truthfully feel ourselves as Spirit intends us to, and that we need to transcend the idea, the concept, that we hold about ourselves and become Spirit-soul-centred.

As we look at the meaning of the word metanoia from the numerological point of view, we find that numbers express clearly the relationship with the Christic energy and the deep transformation that it involves:

     5   1   691        22/4


4   2  5                 11/2


11/2 is a master number and, as it carries that quality, it accentuates the vibration of the number it reduces to. It is called “Man and His God” or “the Prophet”. This number holds the power to draw upon the cosmic forces in order to receive inspiration and achieve enlightenment, but it also talks about a very sensitive and idealistic person that gets hurt because they experience what they would not do onto others. They have to face within themselves who is their God and their choice will affect their destiny.

22/4 is another master number, called “The Master Builder”. The numbers from 20 to 29 talk about Spirit relating to its medium. 22 is about learning to follow the emotions in order to find the wisdom and create a straight line to the Higher Mind. 22 holds the fear of getting lost in the ocean of emotions, where we can loose ourselves, but its task is to go deeply in the memory of where everything came from and started in order to understand it deeply in the light of Spirit. If it succeeds, the 22/4 will pass the initiation to the soul group, as we are All One Soul. 4 wants success and it struggles to achieve it, as 4 relates to the 4th Ray of Harmony Through Conflict.

The addition of 11/2 and 22/4 generates another master number 33/6, the Saviour, Self Recognition in Matter. The 33 asks us to feel the pain and hold it with the arms of our soul. It is about accepting of being crucified in the ego and going in to foresee the Divine in all things.

33 relates to “I see the Soul”, it is about allowing Grace to enter into our lives and create confusion with the aim of teaching us how to see our life as a manifestation of Spirit in matter, and to realize that everything that occurs holds the power of revealing the way back to the True Self, the soul. 6 in numerology is about going from looking for the beauty in the outer world to finding the beauty in the inner world, in the realm of the soul.

The message of the Christ was “I Am the Way” (John 14:6), meaning that the way is through me, through the Soul.

Equilibrium B16 - The Violet Robe
Equilibrium B16 – The Violet Robe

In the language of colour the concept of metanoia relates to violet. In the Aura-Soma® Colour-care system the Equilibrium bottle that expresses this concept is mainly B16, called The Violet Robe, Violet upon Violet.

The Violet Robe refers to the beginning of the development of spiritual transformation, which will lead not only to a change of thinking and feelings, but a change of being and a new awareness in relation to who we really are and why we are here. Violet is deeply about flowing towards Spirit and about allowing Spirit to be manifested in us and through us.

The Equilibrium bottle 16 refers to the Tarot card “The Tower”, which is about awakening, a flash of light, depicted as a bolt, bringing awareness about the true nature of the self. The tower symbolizes both the human body, which is the House of God, and the tower of Babel, as the expression of the confusion in understanding.

However we explore the concept of metanoia, we recognise that it is the expression of a divine call to a change of mind and behaviour in relation to the cause and effect of the way we acted and perceived ourselves in the past. This mind-shift has its origination in an insight beyond the realm of time, space and causation, and it will transcend and dissolve all the barriers of ego and selfishness that separate us from Spirit.

Metanoia is about the renewing of our mind in the light of the Christic consciousness. The Greek word “Christ”, usually translated as “anointed”, was M’skekha – which was turned into Messiah – in Aramaic. The real meaning of the word is perfected, enlightened or “the ideal form of humanity” (Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution, Stanislav Grof, Marjorie Livingston Valie, page 124).

While Jesus was a human being in the process of becoming, the Christ is an eternal transpersonal condition of being to which we can all aspire and we can incarnate as we make contact with the soul.

Number 16 in numerology is called “The Inspired Matter”. If we use our mind as a defence, instead of trusting, we can remain in nature and be victims of our own process of manipulation. But if we open our own cup (the 6, the Grail) to Spirit we can be witness of Its Breath in us.

“I and the Father are one” – this is the state of awareness resulting from the completion of the process of metanoia: Spirit in Matter.


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