Number as Teacher

IMG_0480In esoteric numerology when we draw a numerological chart or we read numbers our attention is focussed on the energy that created those numbers and not on a list of determined and established “keywords”.

Studying numerology gives us the possibility to understand that numbers are the keys of unity between matter and Spirit, between what we apparently know and what is behind what we see, in the unseen world, which is also the world of the soul. Numbers represent cycles of energy, the movement of consciousness behind the form, and they measure them.

Numbers teach us how to go back to the potential that lies behind our life and understand the soul journey through our lifetime. The numbers that are the expression of the moment of our incarnation in this body – our date of birth – carry a great potential and energy, and they give us the chance to tap into the memory of the knowledge and wisdom that our soul brought into this life at the time of birth.

Our date of birth is the exteriorization of that knowledge and through these symbols we can see the higher idea that they carry in order to manifest it.

IMG_0567Symbols reflect the mystery of God and the universe, and they are keys to understand the spiritual dimensions of the divine reality.

Symbols have always had a great importance since the beginning of time. Throughout the Sacred Scriptures God uses tangible signs and symbols as a way of communicating to those who are open to listen to his messages. These people are instructed to use these signs and symbols to understand and remember the teachings of the Divine.

In the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah, the very ancient map of consciousness given to humanity by God, it is said that it is possible to have access to the work with symbols through the sphere of Binah, the Sephirah of the Tree of Life related to understanding, which refer to the feminine intuitive aspect within the self, to the right side of our brain.

 “Binah asks that you open to the light and be guided by events and watch for symbols sent to you in psychic/dreams images. As long as you act with integrity, not selfishness, vanity, greed, fear, Binah will help you to get where you want to be.” (from Enlighten Up: The Keys to Kabbalah: The Keys to Kabbalah by Barrie Dolnick)

Numerology is based on the understanding of the energy behind symbols and its study is centred on the ability to tap the memory beyond the form in order to find the source we come from. When we have access to that memory, we have the chance to see the different life patterns and events from the soul point of view and understand them from where we are standing in that very moment. For this reason each chart must be done in each moment as consciousness changes and shifts continuously through time and each number gains and expresses new meanings.

IMG_0483Every time we are in front of a chart and we start looking at it, a deep transformation occurs, and as we loose the limitation of the form, we assist to an enormous expansion of consciousness that takes us beyond the personality towards the great mystery of the soul.

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