The Archangels and the Planets of the Kabbalah

ConsciousnessThe Kabbalistic Tree of Life is the map of the life journey that each soul has to go through in the incarnational experience in order to reach an enlightened state of consciousness.

It is a very important symbol of creation which encompasses the entire meaning of the universe.

This diagram describes how of the AIN SOPH AUR, the No-thingness becomes Everything, how it manifests in the process of involution as physical matter; and on the other hand, how physicality can return back to No-thing.

Every moment we are somewhere on the Tree, experiencing a state of consciousness or shifting our consciousness from one point to the other, going through not only a personal journey but also a universal journey. The aim of this journey is the understanding of who we are in relation to the Creator of All-That-Is.

The Kabbalistic teachings state that the origin of the universe and the world began by God’s creation of the ten sefirot, or the emanations, enumerations or characteristics of God. The root “Sephir” is usually translated as “Book” “Letter” or “Number”, but the concept behind it is “Information” or “Pattern” because it refers to the ideas interconnecting the Sephiroth, The Zodiac and The Elements.

astrologiaThe Sephiroth operate on a numeric progression: the ideas corresponding to the number one lead on to the concepts corresponding to the number two, and so on, as they reflect the order of emanation from 1 to 10. Each Sephirah or Sphere of the Kabbalah is the manifestation and the physical representation of the step-down process of the Pure Consciousness and the Oneness with Spirit to the individual consciousness, the reflection of who we are.

Everything begins with KETHER, the Crown, to reach MALKUTH, the Kingdom, in order to create the Tree of Life. If 1 is the beginning of the journey, the creative force, when we master the 10, we recognize ourselves as an old soul who lived many lives where we learned the transitory nature of the earthly experience.

Each Sphere or Sephirah corresponds to a Divine Name and the unfolding of the Tree of Life illustrates the ways God has designed energy to flow into creation. The Archangels that are related to each of these spheres express that energy throughout the universe and play a specific role in mediating the divine influence via the celestial bodies, the planets and the stars.

  1. L'Albero della Vita e i corpi celesti, i pianeti e le stelle.
    The tree of Life and the celestial bodies, the planets and the stars. the Archangelic energies work through them to convey to us the energy of the Divine.

    Kether – The Crown – Metatron – Neptune – Eheieh (I am)

  2. Chokmah – Wisdom – Ratziel – Uranus – Jehovah (The Lord)
  3. Binah – Understanding – Tzaphkiel – Saturn – Jehovah Elohim (The Lord God)
  4. Chesed – Mercy – Tzadkiel – Jupiter – El (The Mighty One)
  5. Geburah – Strength – Chamael – Mars – Eloh (The Almighty)
  6. Tiphareth – Beauty – Michael – Sun- Eloah Va-Daath (God Manifest)
  7. Netzach – Eternity – Haniel – Venus – Jehovah Sabaoth (Lord of Hosts)
  8. Hod – Glory – Raphael –  Mercury – Elohim Sabaoth (God of Hosts)
  9. Yesod – The Foundation – Gabriel – Moon – El Chai (Mighty Living One)
  10. Malkuth – The Kingdom – Sandalphon – Earth (4 elements) Adonai he-Aretz (Lord of Earth)

The Archangelic energies work through The Tree of Life and the Celestial Bodies, the planets and the stars. The Archangels operate through them to convey to us the energy of the Divine. The Planets are mediator between the Soul and the body and an expression of the dimension of the experience we have to go through. The planets bring into our solar system the energies of the Archangels and these two forces are continuously working together to support the best within us.

In the Aura-Soma® system the Archangel bottles are the ones that go from B94, Archangel Michael, to B110, Archangel Ambriel. Getting to know the Archangel we feel more called to from the colour point of view is a potential to know the energy that are working with and explore the gift hidden in what we live.

Kabbalistic-astrology-fludd“Human beings must be known to be loved,

But Divine beings must be loved to be known”

Blaise Pascal

We will explore the Aura-Soma Archangel sequence and their relationship to the planets in the next course:

7th and 8th December 2013 at LUCIA ANGELIS Shop Carpi. For enquiries and bookings:

Le Bottiglie Equilibrium Aura-Soma
Le Bottiglie Equilibrium Aura-Soma

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