Turning a Challenge into a Gift

Rosa dei colori EqulibriumIn the Aura-Soma® training we learn that the second bottle we choose in our four bottle selection during a consultation represents the gift and the opportunity we can have from the challenge we perceive.

Sometimes the difference between a positive and successful outcome and a dismal failure, is only a slight shift in perception. The reason is that the way we represent things to ourselves determines how we will respond to any given situation and our response will determine the outcome.

This means that we can create a great deal of difference in our life just with a subtle little shift in perception.

Another aspect that influences the outcome is the attitude with which we face the challenging situation. Any pessimistic and fearful perception of the world is a limiting attitude that can only attract more of the same because neither fear nor negativity can create a joyful and prosperous life. The way we respond to crises has a lot to do with the lens through which we habitually perceive the world.

Equilibrium ASAt the time of Vicky Wall, founder and innovator of the system, Aura-Soma was described as “self-selective, non intrusive soul therapy”.

The concept behind it is that colour is a reflection of your soul, it brings to us the message of our soul with the purpose of showing us the potential hidden in each situation and how we can turn what we perceive from any given setting into a gift, an opportunity.

The quality of the energy that we place in each moment is going to grow exactly as we feed it. Anger will create anger, fear will feed fear, frustration, loneliness, sense of abandonment, jealousy, they will all bring the same energetic quality to fruition. But if we plant consciousness, love, this is what we will get.

Mike Booth, chairman of the Aura-Soma system and heir of Vicky Wall, constantly teaches in his courses that “it is not what we do, but the way we do what we do that makes the difference”.
This means that we cannot change the situations and events that life offers to us, but we have the opportunity to change the way we deal with it by changing the attitude we put into it.

Vicky Wall
Vicky Wall

Vicky Wall used to say “the only right we have is not to be negative”. We have the tendency to face things with negativity, but it is just an attitude, a perception of things. The most important thing is that we always ask ourselves why we are given it and what the universe would like us to learn from it.

Even if we are on this continuum of perception and reaction, we deliberately have to shift our focus to unearth and explore the opportunities inherent in these challenges, so that we can move from a state of insecurity, powerlessness, or fear into a state of empowerment, inspiration, and action.

The colours you choose reflect your being’s needs, they reflect what your soul would like you to focus on, to shift your reality, to empower yourself, and to fulfil your purpose in life.

A Challenge is a call to someone to participate in a competitive situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength, this is the definition of the Oxford Dictionary. Our soul is challenging us, is asking us to take part into an antagonistic situation to show our strength and to overcome the limits that we put to ourselves because of our conditioning.

When we are shown the way through the colour we choose by our soul, we can train ourselves to respond positively, or at least neutrally. A positive colour-guided response to a new challenge will trigger a completely different set of established response pattern because our subconscious will start looking for similarities between the situation we are facing and our initial response to positive experiences from our past.

This will initiate a soul connection that will help move us in the right direction and operate from a much more conscious point of view, bringing awareness and a positive change into our life.

fiore rossoblu

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