Connecting with the Energy of the Archangels

foto (5)Archangels have the gift of seeing what is right rather than what is wrong, they do not judge us for our actions, but they constantly offer to us the energy to help create harmony in our lives.

Angels and Archangels may be understood as different aspects of ourselves, as part of the complexity of the nature of our being, our Self. We are the only ones who have the opportunity to choose to get closer to our angel.

The angel that we are is in contact with a greater being, the Archangel, that deals with the greatest purpose of your life. The Archangel helps us with the understanding of the potential that lies in the life we live and to comprehend why we are here, inspiring us to move towards our destiny.

foto (7)For this reason it may be important for us to select the Aura-Soma® Archangel Equilibrium bottle we are called to because it will show us what it is calling us from within and what is inviting us to be ourselves.

In the Aura-Soma Equilibrium range we have 17 Arcangel bottles at this point in time and each of them expresses a different energy, a different calling, a different support on many levels. Each of them was born at a specific time to offer a special gift to us all. Each of them carries a unique quality which was given in order to be offered to us in time of need.

During this two-day course we will explore the energies of the Archangels, their relationship with the planets of the Kabbalah in order to investigate which aspects of our life we are working on and how the Archangel can support us with the activation of our potential. We will walk on the Kabbalah cloth to connect us with our being and the Archangel that is with us in this moment.

The Aura-Soma Archangel Equlibrium bottles
The Aura-Soma Archangel Equlibrium bottles

Places on the course are limited.

This course is based on the new information shared by Mike Booth on his last Italian course “Michael and the Archangels”

Date: 7-8 Dicembre 2013
Via Fontana 4/a Carpi (Modena) Italy
Time: 10-18

This is course is valid as a Sharing day for the ASIACT Renewal requirements for Aura-Soma® Practitioners and CCC.

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