Colour and Number in relation to Consciousness

February 1st-4th 2014, Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Italy with Mike Booth

Colour consciousnessWhen we talk about colour and number, we often do not realize how deeply they are connected and interlinked and how they relate to each other as they are the same thing.

One of the greatest philosopher of numerology, Pythagoras, saw number as a universal principle, which was reflecting itself as light or sound, a living qualitative reality that had to be experienced. Number was the divine organizing principle of Reality at its deepest level, the archetypal concept on which it was built.

In the last few years scientists have come to the same conclusion of early philosophers, affirming that the basic element of Reality is consciousness manifested as energy. In quantum physics the elemental reality is conceived of not as matter but as energy, which is studied and described as particles/waves. The consequence of this discovery is that the physical world is the result of specific frequencies, energy vibration rates, specific energy fields, which manifest and create definite material shapes.

The solidity of the material world has been demonstrated to be a mirage because everything around us is the result of a frequency. This means that if we amplify that frequency, if we expand our consciousness, the structure of matter will change and our understanding and presence will expand.

Colour as Energy Vibration
Colour as Energy Vibration

The core of the Aura-soma® system is colour, colour is a waveleght, a frequency of light and, because of its nature, its relates to number. When we work with colour, we work with energy, number and its frequency.

Consciousness reflects itself in the mirror of colour and number and there is no separation between colour, number and consciousness.

There is no difference between what you are, who you are, the colours you choose, the number you are called to because they reflect the frequency of consciousness hidden behind.

Colour and Numbers are therefore the bridge between the visible and the invisible worlds.

During this course with Mike Booth, the greatest representative of the system, we will explore the relationship between colour and number in a very practical and experiential way in order to show how we can understand the field of consciousness we live in and consciously work on it to gain more awareness.

Reality behaves in relation to the expectation of the observer, every thought builds another thought in an ongoing creation. When we understand and unfold the potential and the gifts that lie in each moment and situation we experience, we can transmute the low vibration of fear and expand the quality of love, which is the fundamental essence of the universe.

“Love brings up everything but itself with the purpose of healing”

A Course in Miracles

It is an invitation to join us to know your colour and number, to see your consciousness reflected in them and to use the tools offered by the Aura-Soma® system to awaken your potential and talents by bringing more awareness to yourself and your world.

IMG_1071Venue of the course: Hotel President Correggio (Reggio Emilia) Italy

For enquiries and bookings please contact Cristiana Caria, e-mail:

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