7 and the Energy of Transformation


A few days ago we finished the Foundation course in numerology. It was very intense for everybody but a lot of transformation and healing took place. Numbers are archetypes and when we get in contact with the numbers/archetypes that are related to us, the power of the energy and space that come through is really strong.

The ancient Zohar, which is a collection of the kabbalistic writings, states that “The Universe was created by three forms of expression – Numbers, Letters and Words”. The profound meaning of this statement is that the letters in the all alphabet and numbers represent definite powers because they are the expression of the divine creative energies manifested with all the different levels of existence.

The interesting aspect about this last group was the fact that mostly all of them were related to the 7 energy and 17 energy, if not directly, indirectly.

7 is used innumerable times in the Bible and in the New Testament and it is the principle number. When we talk about 7 our mind goes immediately to the Seventh ray, which is the ray of the ceremonial order and magic. The energy of the 7th ray started to manifest around 1675 AC and it’s strength will become stronger an stronger through time. This ray is mainly an agent of fusion, melting and coordination. Its prime function is to operate so that the energies of Spirit come into matter. Matter is energy at its lowest level of manifestation and Spirit is matter at its highest level. When they vibrate at the same frequency, the ancient teaching state, the process of evolution and involution will cease.

From this point of view it is the energy of the seventh ray that offers a great contribution to the fusion of spirit and matter, soul and personality, with the resulting reorientation of the purpose of the individual life. The task of ray 7 is to manifest on the material level all the latent spiritual qualities within a specific form.

7 seeks answers and it tries to penetrate the mysteries behind their existence which haven’t  been questioned until now and it does it through the perfect thinking, this is also why it is called the sacred number. The group went very deeply in this process and the hidden point behind their difficulties arose.

In the Symbolism of the Tarot, 7 relates to the Chariot. The chariot represents receptivity to the will of Spirit. Symbolically the Charioteer is the soul which gives direction to the body, the chariot. The reason why in the image there are no reins is because the charioteer directs the the sphinxes, which represent the senses in their positive and negative expressions, through the mental will.

The message here is that by controlling the senses and purifying our desires, we can reach our inner power in the physical world. In the Aura-Soma system the Equlibrium bottle number 7, called the Garden of Getsemani, expresses the concept that there are no limits apart from those we set for ourselves.

When we choose bottle 7 it means that we probably had an incarnational experience in the period in which the Cathars lived. The main core of their belief was the rejection of the material world, which was seen as a trap imprisoning the soul. In this context all the material things were considered as evil and to be opposed and rejected. This possible experience might not be interpreted in a negative way. From the past we always carry positive experiences and what we should look at in this context is the strong belief in the power of spirit and the possibility of using our determination in what we believe as a powerful transformational energy for ourselves.

What we might be trapped in is to see the material world and the spiritual world as two different entities, which is something that might undermine our inner process of integration.

God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh. The word SABBATH is 17/8 which means that the self, the 1, is resting, 7, to renew its strength, 8. The intensity of the 7 and 17/8 energies on the last group meant that they needed to have a break from the worldly routine to regain a new vision, new wisdom, new faith for themselves. A beautiful process! Everyone should look at the energy behind the scenes of their life to support the unfoldment of the journey of their soul.

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