Cycles and numbers

Numbers and cycles

Our daily life is so hectic and rarely our attention is focused on what is happening behind the scenes. Numbers teach us that we live in a constant flow of energy and that each flow is made of cycles within cycles.

I was pondering that today, because I am preparing the Foundation course in Numerology which starts tomorrow, and I was wondering of the energy that it is going to be with the group. 6 days of intense work from 25th to 30th October.

The energy of the twenties shows us that during these days, the people on the course will be supported in getting in touch with their feminine side. 20 is the Goddess and it has to deal with birth, giving birth to something. In order to be able to do so, the energy of the 2 helps us to get in touch with our emotional body. If we didn’t do so, we wouldn’t be able to become conscious of all the emotional patterns that condition us and do not allow us to get in contact with the intuitive aspect of ourselves.

Furthermore, number 25 represents the BIRTH of CONSCIOUSNESS, the possibility of the Higher Mind expressed by the 5 to manifest itself in the emotional body, the 2, so that they can be fused in the 7 energy in order to reach the VISION of UPLIFTING the SELF in the 30 at the end of the course.

The possibility that comes out from this beginning is 41/5, a number which represents a very good materialization, supports the openings of new ideas and gives a lot of endurance to carry on with a commitment.  On the last day, the potential will be expressed by 46/10/1.

1 is leadership and creativity, so it manifests as the UNDERSTANDING of our RESPONS-ABILITY of the Co-CREATION of the PLAN. 1 is also personal behavior, that is, that what we do has an important influence on the unfoldment of our life.

Numbers have a great power, they express cycles, and it is up to us whether we want to understand the energy that is behind what we leave or not. The more we are aware of that, the more we can become co-creator of our lives, activating the potential that is hidden behind it. More consciousness brings more insight into what we live and the possibility to make the appropriate choices about how to deal with thing.

Spirit and matter are one and these cycles are just the way in which Spirit enters matter in time and space. Numbers are the way to measure them and understand their nature.

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