Orange and Change

Today I am sitting here, pondering the meaning of a sentence I have known for a long time and only now I probably realise the meaning of it. Maybe because my number vibration this month is 26, and, without knowing it, I have decided to use the Aura-soma Equilibrium bottle 26 for the first time in my life.
26/8, the number of Lord Karma, and 8, The number of re-evaluation, talk about the hidden law of the universe. We know that 26 is also relateted to the healing of the time line from the colour point of view, being and orange bottle.
When we are going through the cycle of a number it means that we are going through that shift or movement of consciousness that number is related to. We are facing that reality within us. For me it is a deep process, which is more than change.
The deep meaning of change for me is really about a deep reconnection with the inner nature and we should feel the comfort of Lord Karma with us. karma is not a negative energy, it is what we have decided to work with on a deep level and this means that ther is a great support for the unfoldment of a positive and meaningful outcome. Do not look at life as a challenge but as a possibility for each of us to be more of who we are in essence.
When we resist, when we do not accept what’s happening in the reality that we live we do not accept the change and the process of re-connection with our true nature. Everything around us is a mirror of ourselves and all the people we meet, whether we like them or not, are showing us what we really want. In each moment we are in front of a choice, but it is mainly an inner choice: what do you want to be? Who are you in this situation? Then the answer will lead you towards who y ou are going to be in the future. The choices of the past are the result you are now. Always remember it, in each moment. Remember YOUR-SELF every time. You create now the person you are going to become and the life you are going to live tomorrow. On which foundations?

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